A95x f4 s905x4

Hello all

I have purchased recently a A95X F4 box, with S905X4 inside.
But I fail installing CoreElec…
I tried many possibilities : rebooting with maintaining reset button or a specific button on remote controller (menu or power), using “Update” or “Terminal Emulator” app…
But everytime, A95X F4 is booting in a special boot mode, as you can see on the “Picture 1” below :

Then if I choose “Apply update from SD card” like on the “Picture 2” below :

(the following in next post)

It brings me to a menu like on the “Picture 3” below, where I can choose a directory :

But the system doesn’t see any valid file that I can choose, and then I have the message “No package file selected” on the “Picture 4” below :

(the following in next post)

Android recovery is the wrong place to install CE.
Have you created a bootable SDcard following Wiki?
If yes, then your SDcard is either not bootable (e.g. wrong dtb), or you have a locked Bootloader, preventing to boot from SDcard…
Checkout also the alternative ways decribed in wiki for booting CE.

Observations from img posted

Droidlogic ohm/ohm
You have Android 10 for OS

Vendor bootloader from android 10 and coreELEC
Do not get along

Need bootloader from Android 11
Flash Android 11 to a95xf4

You will have success with coreELEC

Happy Testing

hello @Doudou did you succeded to boot with coreelec?.

Welcome djfou20

I have A95XF4 S905X4 up n running

Matrix and Nexus

Happy Testing

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hello @freddy thank you
witch android version do you have?
and can you explain me how did you succeded to boot with coreelec?

Currently i have superceleron Tanix X4 Rom
From Freaktab
As Android OS
It is Android 11

My box was first generation a95xf4 s905x4
Came with Android 10.

CoreELEC would not boot with Android 10
Something in Vendor bootload…

So must flash Andiod 11 version for success.

There was new realease of the a95xf4 with Android 11 and different wifi/Hardware config.

You can use those versions also.

Then install CoreELEC on SD or USB drive.

I use remote config from a95xf3
VFD display can find in thread here

Happy Testing

hello thank you @freddy
my a95xf4 comes with Android 11
i didn’t succed to boot CoreELEC

Thats unfortunate
Go back to Home
And reread from top down
Install guide
Under Copy device tree header,click on
Learn More

Should walk you through it.

Happy Testing

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