A95X-R1 install CoreELEC

What does it do exactly ?
Does it boot to Android or what ?

It boots back to Android

Why are we reviving 2 YEAR OLD threads? Can’t be the same issue, start a new one! :roll_eyes:
The sillier part is that you’re getting responses :rofl:

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plzz help me

You can just explain me how to install c.e or ubuntu. I am a noob and don’t know how to install it. Even watching videos and follow installation process but in vain

Instead of bumping ancient threads and making multiple consecutive posts, you could just read this topic:

Thanks for your collaboration i hope this will help me in installing coreELEC

Which dtb is needed to be download for a95x r1 s905w

Please read the given answer.

i tried the reset button method but it does not boot into coreelec

so, you have downloaded the correct image for your device

you then burnt to a usb or microsd card, using etcher or rufus

you then copied the correct dtb file based on Ram size & LAN size, from the device trees folder located on the card, into the root of the card, renaming the dtb to dtb.img

you then inserted the card, while plugging in the power you are holding the rest button in, then after a few seconds releasing the reset button.

Some S905W boxes need that the reset button be held down before plugging in the power, and need to hold the button pressed for 15-20 seconds, or until CoreElec logo is displayed.

Even doing this it is not booting. I have to search for a dtb for a95x r1 2gb ram

There’s a A95X-R2 DTB in the device_trees folder, use that.

i have tried the dtb mentioned And it works but i am getting an error of could not mount /flash/system

Try a different SD card. Try burning it with Rufus.

Can you help me to install multiboot on it.

Perhaps you need to get this working on a sdcard before you start playing around. Removing the sd card will take you back to android anyway

@bubblegum57 is correct. If you have absolutely no idea of what you’re doing, as you already state, then master the recommended install ( to external media), before you attempt anything more complicated. Learn to walk before you attempt to run :roll_eyes:

Is it possible to use linux and coreelec together. If yes help me to install ubuntu or ambian on my tv box