Adding more external applications

Hi all, and thanks for this nice project.

I need a couple of “mainstream” application in my system in addition to KODI like
JAVA, MariaDB, openHAB , SAMBA Server , Mosquitto, minidlna, syncthing

None can be found in the entware repository as entware is addressing embedded devices.
So far, so bad.

As outlined in this thread, corelec is a “just enough OS” for Kodi.

But going to a more mainline distribution like ARMBIAN , I fear loosing the hardware accelerating capabilities built-in here.

Is CORELEC then still the choice for my needs ?

Or is there any possibility to add more/other repository sources ? Cleary speaking, I’m missing ‘apt’ :wink:

Thanks for any comment !


Why do you need all that on CoreELEC?
You have 2 choices, use another device with Armbian on it, or try Docker on CE.
CE has SMB server.
I’m sure that most of the other things you mentioned have a docker container you could use.

What you say is not entirely true. Entware aarch64-k3.10 for CoreELEC includes the services you named (samba, syncthing, mariadb, mosquitto, and minidlna), it is an excellent repository that is very easy to install and configure, and it has updates several times a year.

Another option is to install Debian arm64 in chroot. This gives you even more freedom. Although some additional work is necessary to workaround missing systemd in this chroot.

Docker is your solution

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