Coreelec or Armbian?

What is the advantaged of coreelec over straight Armbian ubuntu ?
I have A H96 max 4/128 Running Home Assistant
So what would I gain from coreelect on another box ? The one to act as media player. X96 Air. S905x3

I don’t know much about Armbian, but it seems it is intended for different things to CoreElec.

CoreElec is “just enough OS for Kodi”, so it’s basically a media player and very little else. This allow CoreElec to run Kodi just about as well as the hardware allows.

Armbian looks more like a lightweight but well featured OS, so is likely to do a bit more than just Kodi, but with a slight performance penalty associated with doing more than one thing.

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Armbian is ported to AMLogic by a mainline fanboy - so it runs a form of Linux Mainline Kernel. This means it is missing hardware support for some of the most essential chip components for hardware decoding of media. That means that it relies on software decoding of much media - which means that it will work the hardware very hard, run hot and be glitchy on anything less than a S922x chipset.
I like the idea of Armbian - but not under its current custodian and certainly not for Kodi use at the present time.

If you insist on going down the general OS path - then Manjaro is probably a better bet as the developers are less fanatical about Mainline or broke.


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