Advice on a very cheap box for streaming?

Using coreelec on my N2 in the front room.

I have acquired a free cheap Tv for the bedroom, im looking for a recommended cheap box just to stream Live Tv and movies into the bedroom.

Currently I use VLC player to watch movies, works perfect, and TVHClient to stream Live TV, but doing this currently on my phone.

What a bout a cheap firestick and sideload the apps, would this work?

What’s your budget?

If the price is less than $50, I recommend the H96 MAX. This android TV box has 32GB and 64GB of memory. See you choose this one.

If your budget is more than $100, I recommend the Beelink gt-king Pro because of its voice remote control, higher CPU performance, and better TV picture quality and fluency.

If you are limiting your budget, go for H96 Pro Plus (50$), I own 2 of them, they both work really well. Be cautious to buy the 3GB RAM version tho, and use the wired network, at least in my case with extremely fast internet connection I only got 8-12Mbps via WIFI with cheap 100Mbps devices (not enough for large 1080p-h264 movies, and of course not 4K streaming, works but stops for buffer every 10 seconds). Over wired connection I had no issues streaming 2160p file of a size 90GB.

If you do want a truly decent box, go for GT King Pro (it is expensibe, but it gives a blasting speeds), also avoid Nvidia Shield (NS is still the fastest device) since it does not support ELEC (CoreElec or LibreElec).

If i was going to spend that much i may as well buy another N2 lol. I simply want something just to stream to the tv from the N2, it has to be wireless as a wired connection in the other room is impossible. And as for the H96 MAX, i owned an H96 in the past, it was so bad i threw it in the bin.

Naked. Just add a cable to plug into TV USB port for power.

I was thinking more of a simple presetup box, just one thats ok, and isnt shit like the h96 range

I most certainly wouldn’t call my H96 Max 4/32 “shit”. It runs 2 Xbox tuners on TvHeadend flawlessly and provides a very acceptable picture quality. It also links well as Kodi client to my Plex server which is on my N2 upstairs. For my usage, the 100m ethernet is not a problem. Added to that it can be set up to dual boot from emmc for the odd time I want to watch Eurosport player. It cost me 30 quid.

Don’t dismiss the pi3 or pi4 for this light duty.


Well i can get an h96 Max for £18.99, if it will do the job ill be happy. But like i say the last one i had was diabolical.

If you can, send me a private message to say where you’re looking. I want to make sure we’re talking about the same box. If we are, there’s a tight Yorkshireman here who will be gutted!

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For a cheap box I like the W95. The W95 is manufactured by Beelink and can be turned on with an infrared remote. Mine are in daily use and I have absolutely no complaints. I find it amazing what dirt-cheap hardware and Coreelec can do !

I’ve seen this drop to 30 dollars:

Useless for CoreELEC.
MeCool has certified Google Boxes that dual boot for CE.
That MiBox is now entering Junk Status.

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What do you think of this [H96 Android TV box]

Not much. It’s got a rockchip soc so you won’t be able to run CoreELEC.

You ever get what You pay for.
To buy the very cheapest could be expensive
“Those who buy cheap buy twice”

I had the same thought a while ago.
But I changed my opinion because I have a Functional KI Pus S905 for 3 years.
This policy no longer works for me. I also think it doesn’t work for some Odroid N2 users.
More is just a point of view on my part.

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Well said @erbas. Properly researched purchases can yield very impressive results. I’m a 1080p man and I can’t tell any difference in picture quality between the 30 quid box I recommended earlier and my N2. OK it might not be as fast but when you’re as slow as I am…

Everything that works on N2 does on the H96 max apart from the known problem of multi channel PCM and that’s not a problem for me.

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It’s not only what the device is used for that counts. You have to be aware that support for cheap devices tends to get more difficult when there are lots of changes in the chips in devices with the same “name”.
It’s a risk you have to be willing to take.

That’s a good point and why it’s a good idea to read here first.