Advice to choose a box, i don't need 4K

Hi guys,

I’m sorry to create another thread for the same recurring question, but there’s so many devices/box/sbc out there…
My htpc is kinda old actually, (Athlon XIII 455 with a GT610) and can’t play h265. I dont care about 4K or HDR, i’m using Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube on my Freebox One (arm9 box). I’m using xbmc/Kodi since many years on Original Xbox, so i’m used to it. My only concern actually, is to be able to watch all my movies collection stored on my NAS (i’m actually building it, Synology DS218J, 2x4To). I’ll use wired connection, and Yatse as remote.

Odroid N2 seems the best choice (i just dont like the case) but i also saw that H96 Max X2 (4/64) box could be a good cheap alternative, what are You thinking about the H96 box?

So basically, what i need is a box, able to play h265, all my 1080 movies collection/rips. I’m playing on PS4 or any other consoles i own (mostly retrogaming stuff and on my candy cab), so i’m not interested to play on that box.

Many thanks

Are you buying the box for pretty case or performance, stability and features?
I would go with the n2. It has great support by CoreELEC. You know things will work, also you’re ok for couple years. And there’s always a place to get help for it. I think the few $ you save getting a cheaper box ends up not worth it. But that’s just my 2c.
Good luck

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im on the same opinion like mrp111. Choose an Odroid N2 but with 16GB emmc 5.0. U will get much higher speed

Thank you, i’ll order Odroid N2 i think, the Coreelec bundle :wink:

So, for emmc, i need 2 things, thats it ?

The 16Gb emmc 5.0 module (there’s only android or linux pre-installed device, do i need to choose one especially ?) , and the USB 3.0 emmc module reader

Can you confirm the links ?

Be aware from where you buy.

Your other options are Vim3L or Vim3.
From Khadas.
With Krescue Image installed to an SD Card you can install any OS to
eMMC including CoreELEC
Straight from Khadas Servers.

Those boxes are so small you don’t even see the case :slight_smile:

I also suggest Khadas and if you buy the N2, be sure to do it from a vendor that offers to add proper warranty or from a European company that is supposed to be bound by EU’s warranty laws.

There are several of cheaper devices you can use with CE too. You can look through the forums here and see what other devices people use CE on with success. If you don’t need 4K maybe it’s better for you. Though, I always prefer buying that will work well in case I want to upgrade. e.g if you suddenly decide you do want to play 4K, it would be nice to have a device that supports it properly.

Thank you, i saw your thread couple days ago. I think i’ll order it on, there’s also a coreelec edition, with 16Gb emmc and coreelec installed , with shipping, total is 138€. 3 months warranty.

Or maybe i’ll order it in France, but thats more expensive N2 4G cost 120€, and the emmc 16Gb cost 22€, the USB 3.0 adapter 14€…and you must add shipping cost. But warranty is 2 years.

Warranty 2 year if You by from
They will ship to France 12,95€ shipping cost.

Many thanks :wink:

If noticed there’s different emmc board, some with linux, some with android installed. Dumb question, but the hardware is the same ? So i should be able to install coreelec ?

Yes and yes…

Thank and you