Alfawise Z1 bluetooth remote configuration

I have an Alfawise Z1 (2/16) and there was a problem under CE, the BT remote OK button cant working only when i switch to mouse mode. With this little mod i able to use as expected.

First, create /etc/udev/hwdb.d/10-btok.hwdb file and fill with:


Save, reinitialize hwdb and reboot system:

_systemd-hwdb update_

The remote controller use the following codes:

Mute c00e2
Menu 70065
Ok c0041
Up c0042
Down c0043
Left c0044
Right c0045
Home c0223
Back c0224
Mic c0221
Vol+ c00e9
Vol- c00ea
Prev c00b4
Next c00b3

Mouse mode
Ok 90001
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I have a similar issue but with a different remote. How did you find the name of the of the remote for the 10-btok.hwdb file?

Thanks Paul

Hi all,

I have the same situation where the OK/Enter key does not work on BT, but everything else does. The remote is Tekasmi Q9. I am using it on a S905x3 X96Air. I tried to use keymapper app, but no luck, and tried the above. Do I need to change the file name etc to get this to work? Thank you.

edit-all set, thx

How do I get device’ name? Same problem with two different bt remotes

Run the command udevadm info /dev/input/eventX being X the number of the event you want to change.
I suppose you already ran evtest.

The output of uvedam... will have this part DEVPATH=/devices/virtual/misc/uhid/0005:0957:1001.0002/input/input7 and in order 0005 is b and so on.