Am6b+ debugging help

Hi all

I picked up a am6b+ and am trying to work out an annoyance with it, quite often on boot it will be extremely sluggish with anything library related/playback for example covers won’t load, accessing shares timeout or are super slow and in the system info most things will show busy ip address uptime etc, I can still ssh to it and run commands so was asking for assistance in what commands to run to try and find out what’s lagging

Am running ugoos’s dual boot firmware and when it settles sometimes after a reboot sometimes not needed it does run really good and library browsing is responsive and quick

I do suspect maybe the network card is dodgy in it

Send it back and request a replacement if you can still. I had the same exact issue with one of my boxes I recently received (I’ve gone through 4, keeping 3) . The stock firmware had great speeds wired, but for some reason the CoreELEC firmware had effectively unusable ethernet. Tried reflashing, etc and nothing helped. WiFi oddly ran fine however. Likely a bad box somehow.

Try various ethernet cables. I had a friend with one that just didn’t accept a new Ugreen Cat8 cable that was perfectly fine with every other device. With the Ugoos it worked (kind of) for a bit and then started having problems.

i had tried that and and maybe it worked better with it i can’t remember now, cause i have it using a cat8 cable currently as thats what was in the switch already

will swap it back to a cat6 in a bit

Swapped the cable to cat6 and done a few cold boots, restarts and it’s all still sluggish, changed a couple of settings and a restart of just kodi to save them has now hung and after 3 mins pulled the power

it’s now working as expected this time after about 20 mins of trying so i think a return/refund and try another box

Go look at the CoreElec add in and look at Network connections - is the IP address of your box staying consistent, or does it sometimes start with “169”. I had this issue, but a different ethernet cable solved it.

Again just refund and ask for an exchange if still possible. 3 units I received worked fine in exactly the same Ethernet/power/HDMI cable/TV etc, using the exact same dual boot image, flashing setup, and backup tarball. The 4th unit was a dud and mirrored your experiences with Ethernet issues to a T.

i have also been having ethernet weirdness. multiple cables tried on gigabit lan, some homemade and freshly made, some freshly purchase, some known good, some randomly pulled out of a drawer and who knows what the status is. All work but benchmark wildly differently. Can’t get any to hit gigabit speeds but have gotten close at times. I assume it’s something software because with the same cable i’ll get wildly different results - sometimes iperf3 will give me 200Mbit between server and am6b+, sometimes 800Mbit. usually on the 200Mbit side.

either way my remuxes have been playing back fine with no buffering so it’s not really an issue. although sometimes I’ll get a nag about playback and network speed when skipping chapters but no actually playback errors. Can’t remember the exact error and of course when I try to trigger it now it doesn’t come up.

So far a replacement box seems to be working, will monitor over next few days

I’ve also been able to pick up a minix box so that might end up being my daily driver anyways :slight_smile:

have you done iperf with the working box? mine is working and seems to perform fine, remuxes play back with no issue, but i still cannot get iperf results above 100MB/s or so. I was gonna try fresh cables this weekend to see if that improves anything

Where did you find the minix?!

I haven’t done any tests as it just works and I don’t need the speed just needed it to work hehe

I got the minix from Minix NEO U22-XJ Max - Parotec Solutions

It’s a rev a model though, install to internal didn’t work but I got inject the blob

How much did you pay?

£150 delivered

I sent them an email. Wonder if they will ship to Texas.