Am6b+ doesn‘t play DV movies with GUI at 4k

Hey guys, i need some help with my Kodi. I installed CoreElec with Kodi 21 on my new Ugoos Am6b+ (skin ist Aeon Nox Silvio). After installation everything worked fine, but after changing the GUI to 4k (checkbox Disable GUI scaling) my DV Videos don‘t play anymore. The movie starts, but shows only the top 5% of the movie. The rest of the screen ist black/flickering. SD/HDR movies still play flawless. When i reenable GUI scaling everything works, but i‘d really like to have the GUI in 4k, cause it looks much greater.

Please please help!!!

Please share logs!!!


Here‘s the log.

That‘s how it looks like…

As multiple written in forum this option is currently not working with DV.
So don’t use it until it’s fixed.

I just wanted to be sure it‘s a known bug. If there is nothing i can do now, i will wait for a fix. Does this bug have a specific name? CE is great but GUI would be greater in 4k :blush:

I just reproduced a problem which I described before in this post (only 1/5 of screen is DV video and other 4/5 is blinking random color).
It starts to show up when I switch to “ON” option “Disable GUI scaling” and reboot Ugoos after it.
Skin is pretty good on 4k display with this option but DV videos playback will break.

@TheCoolest, check it please.

I‘m having the same issue. Could you solve it? Which skin are you using?

I want to upload the log, but I’m not allowed cause I’m a newbie. What can I do?

You can paste the text link generated from within CoreElec.

Go to Settings → CoreElec → System → Scroll down and select “Upload latest Kodi logs…”

It will generate an URL that you can post here

So, here’s the log showing the top-5%-Problem when GUI-Scaling is deactivated.

I appreciate any help to fix this. Thank you!!!

Actually, to avoid this particular issue, what I did is :

  • set resolution to 1920x1080
  • and ENABLE gui scaling.

Yes, this would help, but 4k looks much greater! So I want a 4k GUI in 2024…

Totally agree… 4K native rendering looks incredible! I hope it could be resolved soon… I dont understand why tv boxes GUI in 2024 renders at 1080p… except for Apple TV 4K

Wrong, old Firestick 4k sticks (on Android 7.1.1) as do all other Firestick TV devices, render GUI in 2160p; so it’s not only Apple TV that does that.
Btw, Am6b+ also renders GUI in 2160p, so what is exactly your problem ?

It doesn’t, it scales it down to 1080p. Hence the reason for this thread in the first place. Disabling scaling breaks DV content.

Then that is problem with DV implementation, not box’s inability to render GUI at 2160p…

But I understand your frustration, I just don’t pay attention on GUI picture quality to be concerned. What concerns me is Video-DV-HDR picture quality…

True 4k or upscaled 4k GUI?

In CoreElec or Android?

Android on old fire tv