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I’m using a x96 (S905X) 2G/16G box with CE 9.0.1 and I’ve been following the ‘ slow down’ topic on the forum for some weeks now. I’m pretty convinced that everything is working smooth now thanks to the relentless effort of the developers and testers. A big thumbs up to all of you.

As I would like to build my own ambilight installation, I’m wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. Is there an online guide to follow? I seem to find only projects where the RPI is used as mediaplayer. Can I use my X96 and which additional components do I need (Arduino, …)?




I do use an Arduino UNO. I used this hardware guide:
But for sure there are some more modern description somewhere. Just google “adalight ambient”



anyone knows if this hardware, i think its a androino uno runs with CE out of the box?



Should work. I used the same software on windows. Also the description says “adalight”. So Hyperion is supporting it. I think I will get one if a new TV will arrive in my house :sunglasses:



I use Arduino Nano + APA102 leds and all works great. I used before Arduino UNO and the connection schema tfor the Nano is exactly the same.



I use the Arduino Uno, fastLED sketch and WS2812B LEDs.
Had this setup for years across RPI2, RPI3, Odroid C1, C2 and now N2.

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