Amlogic-ne, New Era

Tx3 Mini Plus S905W2 RAM 4G / s4_s905y4_4g.dtb
Tanix W2 S905W2 RAM 2G / s4_s905y4_2g.dtb
i have both devices , same result

 MH264 the TEE fw loading failed, err:

You can try systemctl mask opentee_linuxdriver.service then reboot

I tried .
does not solve the problem “TEE”

CoreELEC:~ # fw_printenv | paste

Sry, but I don’t understand your question. Companies like Hardkernel can help with S922 long-term support but here we care for future CE versions.
My argument was that S922x/A311D as expensive flagship SoC deserves longer official support. It has all the performance we need for KODI now and after Nexus.
Question is why AML promised to support cheap S905X3 in the new kernel if it’s tech.level is the same and performance is worse? It just doesn’t make sense to me…

How long ?
10 years
50 years ?

You can use any S922 device a few years
My old S905X devices are runnig old kernel without any issues as daily driver.
My N2 will run next five years, so what

Because the hardware structure changed with G12A (SM1) and it changed again a lot with SC2. And it’s hard to support both hw structures within one kernel. So don’t touch the already working code and implement only new hardware structures in new kernel.

You need to see this as complete “package”. AML sell dev board + SoC + sw, ready for the vendor to implement his own design. There is no reason for AML to change a part of this package. It’s just easier for them. When the user choose another SoC he get another “complete package”. But every part is tailored to the others.

AML want to sell the new stuff, not the old ones. So there is really no reason for them to port the old hw to new sw. It’s kind of their business strategy.

So right now it looks like using SoC till SM1 will use 4.9. Since SM1 5.4.

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Thank you for the explanation. As expected the reasons are mainly business-related.
Which is a bit sad but what can we do, buy a box with new Rockchip SoC with promised mainline support?
I don’t believe they can deliver KODI experience on par with AML, no real alternative.
I’ll wait for improvements the new NE platform can bring(AV1, NPU?, DV?) whether they convince me to upgrade (or stay on Nexus version).

If all you want is mainline support and not CoreElec AML enhancements maybe just try LibreElec. That doesn’t mean LE will keep it going until Kodi 21 either.

No I don’t, and have never said that.
Mainline just came to my mind as one (unfortunately not realistic) way how to get long-term kernel support without paying every few years for a new device with similar performance…
My history is S905, S905X, S905D, S905X3, S922X(2x) and don’t like the idea that show must go on…

My history is AML8726-M6, S802, S812, AW80(running android xbmc), S905, S905X, S912, S922X, A311D, S922X+,A311D2 and they were all good at the time.

How does it work?

It works with many limitations like you expect Official LE Test Images for Amlogic (Kodi-20) - Page 25 - Amlogic - LibreELEC Forum The user refereed to buying for the Rockchip mainline but it isn’t any better.

This would be similar to the CoreELEC 9.2.x Leia (Legacy-EOL) and Matrix (-ng) era. For a moment in time, Leia and Matrix were both maintained, and their development cycles overlapped, while our users used and received support for both platforms.

In the future, as Matrix inevitably reaches its End of Life (EOL), Nexus (alpha-3) and Amlogic-ne (alpha-1) are on the horizon.

Let it be clear that “End of Life” is very different from “End of Usability”, which can extend for decades beyond a product’s lifetime. The New York Subway for example still uses IBM OS/2, an operating system from the mid 1990s and discontinued by IBM in 2001, as a conduit.

It might help to understand the complexity of the current task when knowing that with very little documentation, the support of a few select hardware vendors, and while working with a new kernel introducing some interesting changes, CoreELEC is being developed for hardware platforms that have been recently released on the market, and contain at times undocumented peripheral hardware configurations (LAN, WiFi, etc). This is especially true for generic devices.

Yet, after only 6 months of internal development, Team CoreELEC is able to present a public alpha with kernel 5.4 already capable of booting from some generic (unsupported) devices and steering a plentitude of peripherals. Getting the bugs worked out and adding additional peripheral support will only be a matter of time. The future looks bright.

CoreELEC development status & product cycle

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

What would RK solve. Fact is that the mainline project for AML failed as predicted. Baylibre is no longer paid and Neil left afaik. RK in LE is dead for at least 2 years. I can’t really see any development in LE recently unfortunately. Buildsystem devs also seem to leave. All what’s left is salespersons and advertising. If anyone wants to follow fallacies then go there. RK and AML support was supposed to land in LE10. It didn’t and it never will.

We are violently agreeing. I didn’t understand the original comment so I refereed him to LE so he could see from himself what you get with mainline support. I do using balbes150 unofficial LE builds on my RK box 6.0 kernel, but fonly or testing my packages nor for everyday use.

It states in the OP that ** There are no plans porting Kodi Matrix to Amlogic-ne**

Surely you mean Kodi Nexus?

19.4 Matrix is already included in NG (at least in the nightly it is).

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If your device requires AMlogic-ne it will never run Kodi Matrix

Guys, I didn’t wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings, If I did please accept my apologies.
I just wanted to share my feelings and discuss the situation, I think there is no need for “violent agreements” or attacking me for my concerns as AML customer.
I have a deep respect for the CE team and work they are doing for our community for years.
Just getting a little bit tired of switching devices because of AML company business strategy.
That is the only subject of the NE project that i thought deserves a more critical view.That’s all.
Thanks & peace

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That´s not only strategy by AML