Amlogic-ne, New Era

The TV CEC starts the resolution at 480P even when starting King II from android.This error does not happen samsung tv.Newly purchased TV TCL 55C745 . TCL 55C745 TV is caused by the CEC feature.

Same issue here. I suppose everyone with Vontar X4 has the same issue. You are running Coreelec-ne or coreleec-ng? (I am on ng but I was thinking in give NE a try)
EDIT: I was totally wrong, I have coreelec-NE

No log, no problem.
But I think you disabled GUI scaling in Kodi display settings by enable the option.
Disable the option so GUI scaling is used and reboot once.

After the May 9 update, I am having problems with audio and video playback.No sound and live tv freezes.
May 9 and before works without problems.

Kodi Log (405.6 KB)

dmesg paste

update all addons from CE repo. also if they have already newest version.

All plugins up to date. I did not do a clean install

As written, install them again.
Do not uninstall them, just “overwrite” them as the user settings persist.
Then reboot and try again. If this doesn’t work remove all addons and install them completely new.

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Okay, I’ll try now

Since both audio and video are affected, I think it is caused by the pvr.hts plugin.
I wanted to try previous versions but it won’t install

Yes, I installed the libreelec 12.80.0 ARMv8 pvr.hts plugin and everything is fine.
Thanks @Portisch, I tested it again.I uninstalled the pvr.hts plugin and reinstalled it from the CoreElec repository and now it works fine.


Hi @Portisch
I made 2 PR, in the Github, for the Service CE settings addon localization.
Pls approve.