Amlogic S905X2

The dtb alone doesn’t help.
It has already been said several times, that this SoC needs another kernel than the one currently used.
Also none of the developers owns such a device.

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thanks for answer

Different GPU in the S905X2 as well, so it also needs different graphics drivers. Unlike the previous S905 variants this SOC is not just a little tweak to the existing S905, but has many more significant differences then it’s name would imply.

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If anyone’s looking for an interim solution until CoreELEC figures their stuff out; there’s lots of active development happening in this camp:

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I can a offer a box a two for devs, free of charge. I need full conformation from mods that devs are legits. i am loctated in Denmark, EU.

That does make interesting reading … the parts I could understand :slight_smile:

It seems they have it booting from SD card, and the display control managed also.
I wonder if CoreElec would boot on it (even badly) with the proper changes made to boot parameters?

The top of the line boxes are dirt cheap (4G RAM/64G NAND for an S905x2)… like OpenWRT and other communities the policy of not accepting money is good but accepting hardware should always be welcome for porting efforts.

It’s pretty damn simple haha. Someone just has to grab the SDK and compile the new kernel as the newbies at Freaktab have done. The only caveat is the NIC and kin are not standardized but even that’s easily resolvable once the sprawl is identified. To boot and have something usable I’d suspect 2 weeks of 5 hour days; to fix all the BS that has been identified in s905(x) and ilk it’s likely months with forward porting fixes from the nougat codebase.

I could take booting on for the platform if I had to… it should obviously be deeply concerning that kszaq took this all on for us and no one has been able to step up to the plate since…

Why not dive in and sort it out ? I must admit - You do make it sound pretty simple!
I’m sure assistance, from those that are capable, would be well received :slightly_smiling_face:

Why don’t you do it if it’s that simple?

What you fail to realise is we are hobbyists, we don’t get paid, we don’t receive thousands of $$$ in donations or sponsorship like other projects, we do this for fun in our spare time, everybody in the team has a full-time job and most of us also have families as well and you want us to each donate 5 hours a day for 2 weeks straight just because you have gone and spent your pocket money on a device you know to be unsupported.

The reason you have Kodi Leia at all on your device right now is because all of us here at CoreELEC stepped up.

I think what is more concerning is your false sense of entitlement.

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I did not read KyleS posts the same way adamg did … but then I am not one of those with the capability of donating my time to development.

For me as a normal leecher/user I read it more as a larger hope for the future (when someone has the time, inclination, hardware and capability to allocate to it).

I did not read the post/s as any form of demand that someone actually do it.

Maybe I am naive …

I would hope that someone does get the opportunity to look at this sometime in the future.
I have one of these boxes, and it works well as an Android box.
It might be fun to have CE on it also … but not essential, otherwise I would not have bought it.

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It would be great if you could spend some effort digging into this.
I am sure there are a few who would be prepared to test anything you came up with. :wink:

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Read this post for more info

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It will happen eventually. Some people just need to get their hands on a device. We are a growing developer base and I hope we can find a good vendor that can send us some devices. And really we like to work with responsible vendors that take care of the their community long term. LibreComputer and Hardkernel come to my mind for instance. It is also logical that those cheapo boxes will work too probably and we will make a generic S9xx2 device eventually.

But don’t expect that we get one of those early S905x2 boxes because as I heard those have a hardware bug and there is going to be another revision by AMLogic so they are dumping what they got in stock as fast as possible to their “valuable” customers.


I haven’t hit that hardware problem as yet it seems.

Any information on what this is or how it manifests itself?


Something about cec crashing uboot

Thanks … I don’t use CEC so I did not notice. :wink:

Hi, is there a plan for CoreElec to support new boxes like Tanix TX5 max with new amlogic S905X2 SOC?

Not remotely soon.


Ok thank you