Amlogic S905X3, S905Y3, S905D3 thread

The official S905X3 specs have leaked and the block diagram, it will be released as early as next month, the big changes are Cortex A55 cpu cores instead of Cortex A53 and an AI processor:

S905X3 box:

I’m hoping to see a new Le-potato board for this, maybe an odroid board too. One of the comments on the 1st link i posted says it is an android-only chip with no linux support but i suspect that most if not all ip blocks are the same as the s905x2 except for the cpu cores and ai processor so presumably won’t be difficult to get it working with a mainline kernel.

Cortex A55 has 18% better performance and simultaneously 15% lower power consumption than Cortex A53.

The S905X2 uses a 28nm SoC with 12nm cortex a53 cores, presumably the S905X3 will do the same or maybe they will use 28nm for the whole SoC to save money considering they could run the cores at 1.7ghz and get the same performance as 2.0ghz a53 used in the s905x2 and it would have a similar power consumption.

Here is a post from a few days ago with more info:


Not even a decent S905X2 box is available right now so don’t hold your breath…

Elebao should be spelt EleBullshit.
Just another Alibaba Backyard Reseller of Chinese Hack Boxes.

Once we have confirmation from vendors about new products and the ok from them to share information about new products, We will post and keep everybody updated about support of future products.

Well after seeing the N2 and S922X I doubt I could ever settle with S905x3. Yet still I understand that people want a cheaper device.

I like my A95X MAX, even on Android :smiley: But would prefer to run CereElec on it as on my Tronsmart box

Not sure what the issue with S905X2 is and why they dump all those boxes on users. We are trying to get a hold on proper S905X3 boxes.
N2 is working so next we will add generic S922X boxes but currently none of them exist yet.
If we get a SBC with S905X3 we will add this. I expect that we will have to put more work on that SoC. Once this is working generic S905X3 boxes will land and those hopefully will work on S905X2 too.

I look forward to testing this … although for this device I plan to only use it as a headless server running tvheadend, so all the “bells & whistles” are of no real interest. A basic GUI would be useful for first set up or intermittent management, but that is all I plan presently. A Tanix Tx3 mini is doing the job at the moment.

So, hopefully this will come in time. ;D

Just saw the VIM3L there with the S905D3. They say they are aiming it at the HTPC enthusiast.

I’m not so sure that S905X3 will take off with it’s advantage over the S905X2 being so slight and there seem to be musings about a S905X4 coming before the years end.

The AMlogic SOC range does seem a little overcrowded.

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I don’t know about X4, but X3 presents a substantial uplift in performance compared to X2.
At least on the Khadas VIM3L, it’s considerably quicker than then X2.

CNXSoft carried out a test of the Beelink GT1 Mini 2 and seemed less than impressed at the performance advantages of the X3 over the X2 but perhaps Khadas have managed to optimise it better.

Khadas VIM3L scored considerably higher in some tests, and somewhat higher in others. Still faster than the beelink.

I haven’t seen any info about S905X4, do you have a link to those rumours?

It was some comments on a review on CNXSoft. I can’t remember which one but I’ll have a check when I get a moment.

Ridiculously cheap chinese boxes are starting to be selled:

26€ for 2/16 and 34€ for 4/32. LOL.

Cheap but no 5G wifi or 1G lan, you get what you pay for.

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Yep, that’s why I said “ridiculously cheap”. But I think that 4G of RAM versions include 5Ghz wifi. Anyway, I wasn’t able to find anyone with gigalan… I guess that they will be released in the following weeks/months…

One such device already exists… KVIM3L.

What image is for VIM3L ?