Any current Plex Server addon?

Hi everyone,

I remember messing around with a Plex Server (not Plex client!) addon a few years back, but it seems it has been discontinued.

A friend of mine showed me a very nice app called Plex Amp, and now I’m interested in trying it out, but I need to setup a Plex Server on CoreELEC first.

So, are you aware of any workaround to turn CoreELEC into a Plex Server?

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In you have all the platforms available for the installation of a plex server. It does not seem to be a suitable option for CoreELEC although it can be installed via docker.

Yes, I know that it doesn’t exist “officially”.

Could you point me to instructions on how to install it via Docker?

Thank you very much,



Paste of something I said before:

Can’t help you with the WiFi but I can tell you that the N2 will run Plex media server beautifully. You’ll need to search the forum for hints at how to but basically:
Install docker from coreelec repo
Install Linux repo from coreelec repo
Install Plex server add-on from that repo.
In the add-on settings specify where you’re stuff is.
Using the server’s web page, add your libraries.
Install your preferred client on your devices. There’s an official one and one I prefer called Composite in the Kodi repo. The only thing is that for music in Composite, you have to use play from here to play all tracks in an album.

I’ve been running PMS this way for at least 2 years without problem. Updates are regular and automatic. I did try the standalone addon others have mentioned and even worked out how to update PMS versions for myself but it was a faff

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Hey man, thanks.

Yes, I did exactly that yesterday.

Everything seems to be working fine, except that, ironically, in the Plex Server’s settings (, there are customizable paths for movies, tv shows and even photos, but there isn’t a custom path for music (why?), so I couldn’t point it to my music directory.

Any tips on how to add this path?

Thank you very much,


I came across this too. As far as I remember, I set my source up to be at high level and then added libraries for music,TV and films from that. To illustrate, I have a directory “Media” that’s the source set up in the add-on. It contains subdirectories for music, tv and films. When setting up the libraries in the Plex webpage, I went to Media and dropped down to Music.

Hope this helps and is understandable. It’s early morning and I’m not fully awake.

I didn’t quite get it.

What path* in Kodi’s docker configuration page did you associate with your main Media folder?

Thanks a lot for the help!

*I think there are default paths for configuration, movies, tv shows and photos, if I remember correctly.

In the Services add-on “Plex” I have set var/media/Toshiba Ext/Media for both the sources (movies and TV shows). Toshiba Ext is my storage device Media is a directory (which contains subdirectories called Movies, Music and TV shows).

I then went to the Plex webpage ( in my case), added a library for music and linked it to the Music subdirectory when it asked for the source.

Hope you get therewith this.

Just looked at the webpage again and I think that’s the bit that’s confusing. In adding a music library, when asked for the source, I select either Movies or TVshows and the Music directory is then shown for it to be added.

Did you get it to work?

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