Any news on the S922X/2GB device for €55?

I see HK now has the 2G version on sale for $60 and the 4G version for $70.

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Khadas just announced VIM3L board. But it is S905D3, not S922X.

No one promised a S922X board - that was simply assumed. The S905D3 seems to be a big step up over the previous S905 iterations. It uses more modern cores and clocks higher, it also upgrades the GPU.


Who’s HK? A reseller?

HK = Hardkernel.


adamg wrote: “If anybody is prepared to wait 2 weeks you will see there will be a S922X/2GB device available for €55 which runs circles around S905X2.”
Check link in first post.

This HK sale has nothing to do with us, the N2 price drop is because of a price drop in DRAM chips, earlier in the year when they ordered DDR4 1GB chips the unit price was over $6 and these days they are around $4 and so this saving has been passed on to their customers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Does this perhaps give a clue?

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a few years back I bought an Odroid C2 with case direct from hardkernel, cost $44.50
then I had to pay $16 postage n packing…
then a month or 2 after it arrived I got an ‘import tax due’ notice from fedex which came to about £20!
wish I hadn’t bothered in the end :upside_down_face:

Yes, same here. I ordered the N2 a couple of months back. I think I had to pay about $130 for the actual hardware including shipment fees and tax. That is fine. But as you say, a month later I got the anticipated invoice from Fedex, but the import charges was more than anticipated. 50 USD! It os not related to the cost or value if the product, it is a fixed fee.
It is expensive to import stuff to Sweden.

Anyway, we know that there is a cost connected to importing these devices, it needs to be considered.

Happend to me too. I only buy hardkernel products from since than. But they are expensive.
I think S922X is just to expensive. I read somewhere that S905X3 board will be coming which will be Odroid C3. Maybe this will be cheaper.

It seems generally better to use national post rather then these extortionist at the private couriers. Couriers only offer cheap efficient services to bulk buyers - they fleece the ordinary Jo.

I keep ordering things from ebays who only offer the Global Shipping Scheme - and it always costs about 1/3 more and takes about a week longer than Royal Mail. Sellers think they are doing buyers a favour in going for the point and click option.


I’ve had DHL try the invoice after the fact tactic and I told them to get lost as they had already delivered a product and any relevant charges should have been levied prior to delivery, which Customs would automatically apply on initial checking.

Inevitably they insist that they are are entitled to invoice me and so I told them to take it to court, where they will have to prove that the product was subject to import charges, which would require them to have the product in their possession.

They had to back off and I think that it’s not a case of applying import duties but rather them attempting to apply their own independent charge knowing that most people will not question it.

Perhaps there is scope for some of the manufacturers to tie up with the likes of Geekbuying etc who can provide the cheaper methods of delivery that are less likely to incur charges.

As has been said though, when ordering you should always factor in the charges as they are part of your legal obligation as the importer and if you accept the maximum then if you get the minimum, it seems like the bargain you had hoped for.

Will the deal be available from local distributors such as ?

not worthy for me, unfortunly they ask for 41 dollars for shipping to europe, plus the customs tax risk. :frowning: will the european suppliers have some kind of discount too?

Wow, that is really a nice deal! Nice Work!

I can agree to some extent. When I purchased my Odroid a couple of weeks ago I paid 20 usd in shipping fee. Now it is 41 usd.
Still a decent deal if you want to buy this device

AFAIK, the local distributor will have the deal with limited stocks and please contact them directly for more detail.

The shipping fee varies depending on the destination, it looks like 41 usd is the default fee. I’ve just checked with my city and postcode in Italy and the fee is 24.73 usd.