Any news on the S922X/2GB device for €55?

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Since I am as intrigued, I am quite interested. The kids needs to get updated HW soon as well!
Following this thread…

I’m very curious as well. I’ve been searching for a nice little box as well.

If we tag @anon88919003, he has the chance to see this thread. Adamg, any news on this new and cheap S922X box?

Probably next week…

Exciting, thanks for your reply @Pelican!

Thanks for the update.

Any idea what the general specs are?

been following this board for a little while and when i saw this i was also excited about the possibility but it it starting to look like vapourware and even basic questions are either avoided or without anything that helps so if you are gonna bring up the possibility then at least keep peeps in the loop even if it’s to say that you don’t know whats going on right now

it look unprof otherwise which is not what the rest of what you do looks like

It isn’t vaporware. The devices are already in market. This will simply be a collaboration between CoreELEC and said vendor, with a hefty cost benefit for our users. If all goes well, we should see an announcement very soon.

That’s very promising news.

I’ll be first in the queue for a purchase.

Or of course if you or the vendor decide to look for early testers.

Since the device is already in market… I doubt it’s KVIM3 or Beelink GTK. I guess this can’t be anything other than Odroid N2 2Gb.

Or a cut down version with maybe 1Gb RAM, a couple less USB ports …

The prospect of the SOC at a better price point will be enticing to quite a lot of people.

An Odroid N2 for €55? I don’t think that is possible even with a downsized RAM module. On the other hand, if it is already on the market, I have no other suggestion than the ones already mentioned here.

Anyways, I hope CE and the vendor can strike a good deal for us, regardless of the brand. I really like the S922X! :slight_smile:

Nobody said N2.

Well, actually @smp did that. I just wanted to express my doubts about this. @Pelican

He guessed.

The price will be $60/€55, the promotion is still going ahead and we are working with another vendor to also have CoreELEC pre-installed prior to shipping and get a promotional price for CoreELEC users.

We are just waiting on the vendor to have a conclusion to the schedule and sales condition with their distributors before we can share more information, it’s out of our hands.


Thanks for the clarification.

Sounds good to me ! I’ll wait whatever time is needed !

Yes, that might be true, but nevertheless, N2 was mentioned. I only expressed my doubts about this theory…