Any update for X98plus (S905W2) remote control?

Hi , my original X98plus remote control can’t use.

Thank You very much for your reply.

We still have few question below;
We booting Nexus20.1 into S905W2 (X98plus box) with 16GB SD-Card, for our daily Demo usage.
But we found out few problem below;

  1. How to permanently save (REPEAT= ALL/ ONCE) for all Videos loop in playlist in internal storage.
  2. Box suddenly restart once itself after video play around 30 minutes.
  3. Can we play photos & videos togethers in same folder (internal or USB)?, like Gallery in Android phone.

We are appreciate if Coreelec teams can guide & solve above problems .
Thank You.

  1. You might better search here:, there is a option what todo on end of video
  2. coreelec:ce_support [CoreELEC Wiki]
  3. yes, just place all in same folder and select “play next” on end in Kodi settings

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