ARIVA 4K COMBO SAT+TDT dtb.img help

Good morning everyone,

I need help to operate this receiver.

I have successfully started with the gxbb_p200_k1_plus image, but the SAT does not work, neither does the DTT and the bluetooth does not work.

I have also started with the image gxbb_p200_1G_sen5 the SAT does not work although the driver is the same AVL6211 SAT, (in my device you must also add AVL6762 TDT). Neither does the USB work or detect the internal disk that I have installed, although if the bluetooth works.

From what I see, I would need a compilation that “mixes” both DTB images.

Any help please. Thanks in advance.

(p.d. I’m sorry for my English, it’s a Google translation)

I have an image extracted from this device but I can not upload it

this is a link to the extracted DTB!SUFyRYZD!4xO9BIDhqBerDlPZ2C1aphw-PVlNCFS-ijkFJkNZvEI

This device uses for DVB-T demodulator AVL6762 and for DVB-S AVL6211. Both demod are supported in CE, you need only correct dtb. From android dtb I can’t see tuner chips. In CE for AVL6762 is used MxL608 and for AVL6211 is used Airoha AV201X tuners.
Use latest CE nightly builds with following dtb: gxbb_p200_1G_ariva.dtb (40.6 KB)
In CE switch in Add-ons->Drivers->DVB drivers from the latest kernel.
Reboot box and send kernel log:
dmesg | paste (at first) (searching channels)

I am using DVB latest kernel drivers but can not find anything when scanning by DTT or SAT.

Everything else works (USB, WIFI, BLUETOOTH, etc etc), but the SATA hard drive that I have not (with the image of gxbb_p200_k1_plus if detected)

Thank you.

From log I see DVB-T demod/tuner was successfully detected. For DVB-S only demod is detected.
In the latest nightlies was missing my update for autodetect AV2101X tuner chip. Update dvb-latest by following zip file:!74FQHQbR!g7UeDL9BKcds1629GC2-Rmq7EYB8QgWIJkHMkhQBCN4
Amlogic chips doesn’t have native SATA support. I don’t know how is SATA drive is connected, most likely it is used usb to sata adapter.
I don’t know how you scan channels, but for scanning channels use TVHeadend42 addon service.

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No result with the TVHEADEND scan, neither with VDR.
The SAT adapter disappears when you force the scan the first time and it does not appear again until COREELEC is restarted. For the TDT no result in the scan.

On the hard disk: it must be a USB / SATA adapter that as I say does not work with this image and if with the K1 plus, the other two USB if they work. ¿?¿?

Thanks again for the effort.

DVB-T have to run, same AVL6762/MxL608 is used by Mecool M8S Plus DVB-T. I can’t see any kernel log for DVB-T. The DVB-S tuner wasn’t detected.
[ 90.612165@2] i2c i2c-1: avl6211_init: failed to detect AV201X tuner
If you can open box and find out tuner chip. This is the tuner with AV2102
For USB/SATA I need kernel log for KI Plus dtb.

Fix for USB/SATA adapter: gxbb_p200_1G_ariva.dtb (40.5 KB)

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Perfect!!! the sata already appears

Attached photos of the plate.

The TDT channels are not found when scanning.

I2C seems to fail even earlier:

[ 84.480438@3] i2c i2c-1: [aml_i2c_xfer] error ret = -5 (-EIO)
[ 84.480451@3] i2c i2c-1: token 0, master_no(1) 300K addr 0xc

Could it be that this device uses the alternative adress 0xD?

No, this message appears after reset only, but then all is ok for AVL6211. The issue is in detecting tuner chip. Tuner chip can have i2c connection via demod or directly to the bus. In first case you can have dual demod/tuner with same tuner address.
BTW always publish complete kernel.log. From one line I can hardly fix issue.

THX for picture. I see for DVB-S is used EDS-11270FNPVA tuner with Airoha AV2026. For next test I have to write driver with bypass I2C demod repeater and send commands direct to tuner chip.

Thanks for explanation.
The 2 lines were taken from cigarrons log, I don’t have any issue.

But seems this problem is the same as

Try this version with extended tuner detection.!jkdnXICR!IognhqhDeb1kDGwnx39P2nvIRFuaC-noRC6zEMjOXXE

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it does not work SAT and TDT.

Good Morning,
Any progress on this issue?
Thanks in advance

Good Morning
I have returned to this topic. I have been conducting tests with w_scan without success.
Is this DTT / SAT tuner compatible with Coreelec?
I would like you to tell me if it is possible in the future.
Thank you.

(p.d. what do you mean by “Try this version with extended tuner detection.”)

good morning
I keep doing tests. With Tvheadend looking for DTT channels I always get a “poll timeout” message.
The SAT adapter does not work in any case.
I am testing with the last nightly.
Any help please.

Hi, I just found out about something like coreelec, I also have this tuner and resume the topic because I wanted to ask if there is any chance to run a full coreelec on ariva 4k combo?