Artifacts with x265 content on S912


Sorry but I have a S912 box and it has a moderately lot of artifacts when decoding x265, so, are all of you not using x265 or am I doing something wrong??

I have a few S905, S905x and even a S922, all of them worked PERFECT. Not the S912.

What artifacts? I never had a S912 based box, but my S905X devices work just fine.

My S912 works as all other box. No extra artifacts.

When reproducing x265 with hardware decode. Random small visual artifacts all the time. This does not happen with any of the other boxes. The S905X works correctly, I am only talking about the S912.

Around 50% of my media files are x.265
There are no artefacts playing the files @S912 vorke z6 box

Have you considered that it might be your box thats the problem and not the S912 chip in general ?


My gt1 ultimate with S912 works perfectly. There are no artifacts

Same here H96 pro + (s912) plays everything perfectly.

Another one with Vorke Z6 (S912) without any artifact.

Ok, thanks guys. I may have a faulty unit then.

I was under the impression that the decoding was not working and it was inherent to the model (no drivers available).

I have re-installed that box several times, and it always had the same problem.

Either something wrong with your box, or with your installation/settings, or with your x265 files, because S912 should have no problems with normal x265 content.
Btw, what model is your S912 box, where are your x265 files, what resolution are you using and on what display ?
Can you upload a small 1min sample of a problematic file ?

Hello Sholander,

It’s an H96 Pro+ 3Gigs of ram. It was that way since day one. There’s nothing wrong with the files as I have several other player boxes of every other model working perfectly (S905, S905, S922…).
It must be the unit itself, until now I have always assumed that was normal because people always recommended NOT to buy the S912, I was just a bit surprised to read that in fact it worked with the same quality as the S905’s.

It’s ok, as I said I have spares, they are cheap and I like to tinker with them. I will just use it for something else.


Edit: my perception of that comes from the days of libreelec, they always mentioned that the software in the S912 was working more like a hack and artifacts were expected, I just wasn’t aware that that changed with coreelec.

S912 has always had good hardware acceleration. TItis held back back the wrapper it uses to interface the Android driver which introduces overheads which slow things down a bit.

I notice very little difference between playback on the S922 and the S912.


S912/TX8 4/32 CoreElec 9.0.2 play x265 purfectlyyyy here

well its true, sometimes I get some artifact TX8 8/32