Audio stuttering in some Anime releases


just wondering, if someone can help me with my problem.
Its the same no matter if Im using dev or stable version.
When Im using kodi on slimbox its not happening.

I have X96 max+ 4/32GB and I have problem playing some anime.
Sound keeps stuttering and I cant figure out why.

Examples can be found here

Mediainfo for anime with that issue is on the right side, and the one without problems is the one on left side. (both of them are from same subgroup, so it shouldn’t be a problem)

Don’t know what logs you will need, so here are both from CE.


Problem is only with audio. As you can see on samples, video is running nice, but sound stutters or how to call it.

I tried several media servers, so its not plex fault, must be something else.

If you need anything else, just ask and I will provide more info.

Might this be of some possible help?

thank you very much!!!

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