Auro 3D - ffmpeg

Hello, I can not make my Auro 3D music work with Kodi. While it works perfectly with my platinum Bluray.
Hi, is it possible to integrate Auro3D support within ffmpeg ? Here is an Auro 3D audio track (The link expires in 6 days)


Maybe you should ask in the Kodi forum.

Perfect! :ok_hand:

In general, I never have an answer on the Kodi forum …

I’m sorry, I can not help you, it’s the first time I hear about Auro 3D :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

as I imagined, they send me back to CoreElec …

Hi, is it possible to integrate Auro3D support within ffmpeg ? Auro 3D Sample (The link expires in 6 days)


This is a waste of time. Auro is practically dead as a format… at least on home media. There is one 4K blueray coded in this format in last year.
DTS-X and Atmos is the now and the future.

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It’s more complicated, your analysis is reductive. Auro3D is the most popular 3D format used for music.

There are many more music albums recorded in Auro3D, whose remastering in Atmos or DTS-X will never be done. Music producers prefer broadband Auro3D. The Atmos and DTS-X is mostly for the cinema. In any case, for the moment …

Dolby are making a big play with Atmos music. Here’s an article with more info on upcoming Atmos music from Billboard:

In the non-classical music space there’s already quite a few Atmos music releases (Audio Only Albums and Concerts). The Beatles - Abbey Road is coming in Atmos next month.

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I do not doubt that in the coming years things will change, but for now, there are still many more Auro albums. I do not think I’m the only one who can not read my music albums, and I doubt they’ll ever be converted to Atmos.