Auto playback of next video not working (wakeup from "idle" issues?)

I access my video files from my nas via nfs. I noticed an issue when watching on episode of a tv series and have CE playback the next video automatically.
Well it’s not working, the next video is loading, video plays for a few secs but without sound then it’s stuck. Skipping back manually seems to solve this, though sometimes there’s still no audio 'til I stop and play the video again.

Thing is, if I start a video and skip near the end, the automatic playback of the next file works without any problems…:grin:

So I suspect after some time CE goes into some kind of idle mode and when it’s time to playback the next video file CE isn’t woken up properly…? Idk, that’s just a guess.

Edit: Lol… now I tried to reproduce the issue with debug log enabled but everything works fine. Seems like it doesn’t occur with log enabled…which makes no sense to me :roll_eyes:

Ok, seems this is fixed with 8.90.3 update.
Since the update I haven’t had any issues.

Sry to dig this up again, but the issue still persists for me.
Can anyone help?

Maybe someone had similar issues? I think it might have to do with nfs server settings and/or the spinn down of my hdd…idk

Please let me know which information is needed to troubleshoot this.

Edit: On second thought…I have this setup for quite a while and everything used to work, so maybe an update sometime introduced the issue…is this even plausible?