Backup to network directory

I’m unable to do a Coreelec system backup to anything other than my SD Card. When I try to backup to anything on my network - SMB or SFTP or Webdav - nothing happens, as in I navigate to the directory where I want to put the backup, click OK, and it closes but nothing happens and nothing is backed up.

To be clear: these network locations all work perfectly fine everywhere else in Kodi so it’s something specific to backing up.

Is the system/kodi backup designed only to work on the local SD card or is something else happening? Thanks.

Definition: “Create a tar archive containing all CoreELEC and Kodi configuration settings… Backup files will be stored in /storage/backup/”

No option to select other than local location.
You can scp created tar file to other network location manually or create a cron job that will be copying them at defined times.

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Just in case anyone else wants an easy automated solution to offsite backup, I ended up doing a modified version of this person’s script as a cron job - my main mod was adding --exclude=Thumbnails at the end of the tar line which cut close to a gig from the backup size:

Combined with using Syncthing to sync the SD card backup directory to a network drive:

There is a dedicated thread here on the Kodi forums that would be worth reading/posting on.

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What you want is very easy when one has learned a few knowledge of Linux. Basically it consists of creating an empty directory inside CoreELEC (for example: /storage/HDD-REMOTE) and mounting a network drive on it.

Where is this done ?: In the script /storage/.config/

True and if my device were mostly at home, I’d do a permanent LAN mount. But I travel with my Odroid and am on a variety of different networks so, for me, Syncthing was the answer as it allowed me to mirror my SD card backup directory to a backup drive on my home server without having to deal with any network issues at all.