Bad Hearing subtitle / Teletext ? How To?

Hi all

The Bad Hearing subtitles (teletext?) are not available and not enabled when I stream a movie to CoreELEC from my laptop

VLC have the option as subtitles/bad hearing subtitles
MPV have the option as subtitles/unknown subtitles
There is something in UPNP and player settings but it not work for CoreELEC

I try to select the option in player but it not work

I would like to know if there is a tweak to enable this somewhere in CoreELEC

Any help will be strongly appreciated :sunglasses:

In Kodi Repository
Did you download and install?

Can browse for source…

Open Subtitles. Com/.org/etc…

Open Subtitle ?? what for ? No. I do not need it thanks. I speak about the bad hearing teletext sub embedded in videos movies…

First the stream must include the teletext stream. It’s a different PID than video or audio.
Second the (PVR) client must support it.
Third you must be able to enable the Teletext.
If Teletext is visible than fourth change to the correct teletext page include the subtitles.

Thanks so much but I do not use PVR … I just use CoreELEC and my laptop is the source as . when I see a movie I can see the sub teletext with my laptop and VLC but when I stream the same movie to my android box + CoreELEC this teletex is not visible nor available nor enabled and there is no way to enable it. He is there he is embedded in the movie I see it with windows 10 and VLC but NOT with CoreELEC which it not see him

Teletext and Subtitles are two different things. It sounds to me like you have enabled Teletext (in Settings->Player->Videos->Activate Teletext). What you want to do is activate subtitles… Play a video->Open the Context Menu->Select the Speech Bubble icon->Enable subtitles. You can set as default for all videos there too.

If I recall correctly, VLC plays subtitles for all videos in its default configuration. You have to enable them in Kodi.

I already did that and it not work this is why I ask for help there. …

It work with VLC but not automaticaly, I have to sélect subtitle/bad hearing subtitle 1

But nothing work in coreELEC

For more help please follow the rules:

I think i understand now

In North America is like closed captioning

Text to mimic audio

So not a subtitle/convert language text etc…

Iam learning something new i think about CoreELEC

Reads like media playback must include Teletext

I will follow

I use CE 19.3 for/with T95Max+ 905x3 device … (some issue with last update I downgraded to 19.3) Nothing specific about that in the log file because this issue do not exist the teletext is just unavailable with CE

Try /Settings/Player/Subtitles/Enable parsing for closed captions

This is for Kodi 20 Nexus. It might be slightly different for Kodi 19 Matrix.

Yes thank you I already enabled this option without success … bad hearing subtitles are not available in CE

With VidCoder I can see that the movie’s subtitle is listed as “Closed Caption CC608 subtitles”.

And I see that Kodi have a regression and do not recognize anymore this CC608… ??

I don’t know if its the same for CE ?

Many cea608 files are supported by CE. However still no logs so we have to keep guessing (knowing it is embedded cea608 helps) but we still don’t know the format or the version of CE you are using. Please help us help you.


Yes sure but there is absolutely nothing in the log because CE DO NOT SEE the sub …just the movie

In debug mode there is a lot of information.

I would suggest to try on Kodi Windows. If it doesn’t work there then it is Kodi issue. If it works it is CE issue.

Yes its the same in KODI Windows 20.1 Nexus (and KODI portable for windows build 19.1 too) if you want to try yourself I can give you the link for the movie available the link for the movie is available here in my dropbox

This is why I wanted to see the logs, I don’t think cea608/708 closed captioning is supported well in mkv containers by Kodi. Remux it back to mpeg-ts and you should be ok.

That looks suspiciously like a scene release though, so I am dropping out of this.


“Remux it back to mpeg-ts and you should ok” …

What software are you using to remux to mpeg-ts exactly ?

I use TsMuxer and CE see it now but badly … I mean some words disappeared or truncated or not visible…

Maybe would be easier to only extract subtitles as external file? And leave file intact.