BeeLink GT King - CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly - Generic

No only the nightly is compatible with the GT-King until we do a new stable release of which there is no ETA, please do not ask the same question in multiple places.

sorry i couldnt find my first post but thank you for letting me know


Could explain me how to update a nightly built CoreElec.

I first installed CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly_20190902-Generic.img.gz
and this night I can see a new version from 20190903
this information is not in update page because it is only for stable versions.
So it should be interesting to write this procedure somewhere.

Thanks for your great job !

The procedure is do nothing until the you got notification, then choose restart.
Or you can manually update anytime just copy the tar file to your update folder.

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Testing GT King nightly. After switching the resolution to 4K, movies are displayed in top left corner (half of real size). Did I messed with settings?

Another question - how do I rollback/downgrade with nightly builds? I tried to put .tar file of previous nightlies to “update” folder, but system doesn’t recognize it.


You have overscan setup in your guisettings.xml.
Stop Kodi and edit your guisettings.xml, the start Kodi.

Thanks. It’s OK now. I have set the 24p overscan but didn’t realize that kodi use data from 23.98p section. Thanks again!

Also have some problem with audio. I understand, that passthrough isn’t working yet. But with passthrough disabled I can get undistorted audio only on 2-channels config. Every other setting (like 5.1) - produces very distorted (slowed down) sound. The box is connected to AVR via HDMI cable and “ALSA:AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI” is selected. The AVR detects only 2 PCM channels.

Passthrough should work. There is no multipcm support in 4.9 kernel. set the channel to 2 and enable passthrough. Do not enable sync to display.

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Oh, well… I believe I have read somewhere that passthrough don’t work, so I have started with disabling it. Yes it works fine. :wink: Even with a channel set to 5.1
Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot Pelican, today I restart CoreElec (with nighly) and I can see messsage for updating.
FIne !!!

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Hi,I have installed CoreELEC(v20190902) in my SN:B922 revA box, both WI-FI and GB Ethernet are active at the same time, the Ethernet port is linked to my NAS, most of the time it can play 4k HDR smoothly and HD audio passthrough goes well.

But sometimes when the box recovers from sleep,the status of the Ethernet will change from ‘online’ to ‘ready’, this causes the network connect time out with the NAS, the network cannot be restored. I must restart the box…

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As I can see on specs this box work very well with KODI Leia standard… why using CE ?

That’s a decision you have to make yourself. Test both options if you want and then you can see for yourself.

I use CE with my S912 device and frankly its the best ever I recommend to use it

On the S922X SoC it’s much better.

its brand new and too expensive…

I agree with both of those statements.

Kodi 18.4 on gt-King doesn’t recognize 4k and core elec does recognize 4k