BeeLink GT King - CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly - Generic

It does, 4K works with Android Kodi 18.4 on GT-King.

Last two days can’t update the nightly build - after reboot it’s stuck on Coreelec splash screen without any message. After cycling the power twice the system boots to previous version.

Also I noticed some strange message - not sure if it has any relation to the problem - something like “/Init Line 986: test not found”. it appears very briefly after the Beelink logo and before the Coreelec splash screen.

Read this post: Nightly builds

Thanks. It helped. :slight_smile:
However, the .tar of 09/12 has been moved to the archive section, so I have changed it a bit.

But the resolution on mine at least only says 1080 and not 2160 in system and can’t change from 1080to 2160 no option for it says whitelist and only option in whitelist is 1080 this is on18. 4 Kodi android gt-king

That resolution is only for Kodi GUI, if the file is 2160p you will see on that resolution, depends on the Android display settings.

so the coreelec gui is 2160 cause when using ce on gt-king res says 2160

Thanks for this,
works like a charm

Thanks a lot Glat, your remote.conf works fine