Beelink GT-King Pro compatibility

Hi i just got the new Beelink GT-King Pro and i would like to ask a couple of questions.

  1. Is the GT-King Coreelec image compatible with the Pro version?
  2. I don’t care about android, i would rather installtointernal. Is there a guide for this?
  1. Yes
  2. There is no installtointernal, lookup ceemmc on these forums.

Thank you i tried the SD card method and it works but it is very slow. Maybe my Sd card is not fast enough? I would still prefer to install to internal memory but somehow i can’t find any step to step guides for it.

Probably because it does not exist…

Btw, which part of “There is no installtointernal” you don’t understand ?

I changed SD card. The one i originally used was obviously not fast enough. Luckily i had a newer and faster available and it works very well now.

You don’t need an SDCard, it is also possible to use a USB Key (of course you sacrifice a usb port).

Please refer to my above post re: ceemmc

One question, does this not support s905x2? Since it detects the s905x2 dtb and says it is not supported.


yes, with s905x2 dont working too. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

ceemmc isn’t supported on the beelink gt-king rev-a.


Apologies I didn’t realise it had not been expanded to other devices yet.

which DTB should I use for the Pro (S922X-H) version? Mine seems to boot only with the Rev A DTB and therefore is limited to 1.7 GHz. Is this expected? Serial starts with 290a4000.

Thank you.