Beelink GT-King Pro

Just found a link on AV Forums about the above device.

I wonder what use case they aimed with this box?

my friend will buy beelink gt king pro, does coreelec support?

This box looks better and has better sound quality.

None of us have one. It should work, but we can’t guarantee anything until it’s tested.

Okay, thank you. I am waiting for more info

I have the Beelink gt King Pro with SDHC for Coreelec.I tried install the newest MATRIX 19.1 on an other SD[Scandisk micro sd-sdhc-sdxc] BUT BY MISTAKE I used the official SDHC Coreelec .A fter the inserting into my device stoped works the second booting.Works only the Androind function.Please help to fix it.THKS

If you used Rufus, or any other tool, to flash the CE to the card, then all the information you had previously on the card is lost. You will need to do a clean install and configure everything again.
I see no reason for Matrix not to work. And without any information about what exactly is happening during booting we can’t help.
Try doing a clean install and make sure that you use the correct DTB for your box.

I bought the Bee link gt king Pro,with SD/TF for Coreelec.This sd now is off!I TRY TO INSTALL THE NEWEST Coreelec and in other sd without result and without any help from your forum.Only refers me to the installation instructions.My device works perfect with android.Iwould very much like to have the coreelec too.I USED and the other methods you discribe but I’m not expert to know about clean installation and 'CONFIGURE EVERYTHINK AGAIN" When I insert the sd my device is oppening with BEE LINK and after dark!!! THKS for your tolerance.!

Start from the beginning.

  1. Write the image to your sd card using Rufus.
  2. Put the correct DTB file into the root of the SD card. Try g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king.dtb and if that doesn’t boot, then try g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king_rev_a.dtb. Rename the file to dtb.img on the root of the SD.
  3. Unplug the box from power, insert the SD card, press the reset button and hold it, plug the power back and wait for the Beelink logo to appear. Then release the reset button.
    If this doesn’t work, then you can try the Reboot to LibreELEC app on Android app store, and use that to reboot in the correct state to boot into CE.

For an inexperienced user,the hints what I should do to solve the problem would be more useful if it referred to how to do it.The preinstalled sd/coreelec is corrupted.I can’t operate dual systems,only android. The SN of my device is SA9HH0HG50337 Can I have any help from you? THNKS

You should burn a new uSD card with latest CoreELEC and follow the normal procedure:

You are receiving instructions on how to solve the problem but you will, inevitably, have to put a little effort in and follow the guides suggested. The procedures in Guides & How-tos are very easy to follow and have already been written by the same folk you are asking for a written guide here. :wink:

Dears, The change of computer recorder with adaptor against Laptop,gave the solution to my problem.I believe that this should be pointed outin the case studies of your Forum.THNKS

Glad you found a solution to your problem.

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