Benefits of an upgrade over a S912

I see that the S912 is stuck with Leia forever, but apart from having access to new developments on Matrix what else would justify an upgrade today?

For some reason (maybe due to the global chip shortage?) Amlogic is holding off release of S908 and S928 SOCs… and it doesn’t seem that they will be released anytime soon, if at all. I for one would buy the S928 at launch (provided the bootloader is unlockable, of course).

The S905X4 devices don’t entice me enough because I know their are lowend SOCs. I thought about S922x, but as I see it it’s little more than a faster S912 for all intents and purposes. It doesn’t have AV1 decoding, neither 8K support… and in 2021 isn’t really a “new” SOC anymore.

I don’t like being stuck on Leia… but upgrading just for upgrade sake doesn’t seen reasonable. What do you guys think? Am I missing something?

The first question I would ask myself is whether my existing S912 box does what I want it to.

If the answer is yes then waiting for a new SOC to come along would seem reasonable, only revisiting the question if the S912 suddenly doesn’t do something that it did before.

If you were to still want to upgrade now then I would not rule out the S905X4 as for all intent and purposes, it will still be a capable SOC for many tasks.

Yes. It does.

I guess other way to put the question would be “Is Matrix significantly different/better than Leia to warrant upgrade to a less than ideal (but ng compatible) SOC now?”.

As I’m not currently a Matrix user, I don’t really know what I’m missing (if anything). I thought about trying it on Windows but considered that maybe the differences between platforms would make the comparison somewhat invalid.

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I have an S912 running Leia and a S905X2 running Matrix and from a day to day perspective, if I didn’t think about it I would not really notice the difference for my use purposes.

The big deal breaker for some between the two is with regards to Python, which is now using version 3 in Matrix, preventing some third party addons from working until and if devs update them.


As new SoC’s are (cheap) available CoreELEC recommend to upgrade the hardware.

Also LibreELEC say the same: The S912 was a hack and will never be fully integrated in future:

nothing is moving forwards...

Users got told in past to avoid buying such hardware. So If you want to go with Kodi Matrix you will need to think about a upgrade.

By the way, the next Kodi version Nexus development builds are already to be released soon…

Matrix brings almost nothing new and the loss of many useful addons makes it a definate downgrade for many. CE Leia on S912 will continued to work in its slightly broken way until add-on developers finally feel the need to migrate to python 3, probably with the next release.
The intrinsic software support of the s922 makes it far more than a faster s912 which was cobbled from birth by lack of drivers.

The problem is the python3 issue will not change and you will be forced to switch to Kodi Matrix/Nexus anyway someday.

There is no backup plan and no future for Leia as the support will be more less till nothing.

It’s same like the switch to Kodi Krypton, nobody liked it but there is no alternative.

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Which means in all practical terms the S912 is a dead duck. My S912 VIM2 has been in cold storage for a year at this stage. The cheap S905x3 based X96Air outperforms it all day every day anyway. Matrix and Python3 are indeed inevitable, but I will wait for the next release and some actual feature updates before migrating my main system.


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