Best device for Coreelec in 2022/2023

You can use iperf to test speeds between two different devices. If your old box has Gb ethernet then install iperf on it (through entware maybe if its not included in coreelec) then run as a server, iperf - s I think. Then install iperf on the new box and run as a client, iperf - c, putting the ip address of your old box. Hopefully will result in near 1000Mbs.

I that device tree works, then I can safely assume that your box is good. Gigabit ethernet with 4gig ram.
Stop worrying about what you have and just enjoy it.

Can’t test with the old box sadly, it’s dead. Won’t display anything at all just a blank screen.

Hopefully 4gb and 1000M… It is worth worrying about though when half the reviews for the same box (other sellers) say the specs are wrong. Hate to find out 6months from now when I upgrade my PC and such that I can’t use the full Ethernet speed.

Everything is scraping right now… Going through Kodi and seeing what’s new the past few years.

Don’t expect full 1000Mb you won’t get it but why would you need that much anyway? The specs aren’t wrong, some boxes just use OEM networking without the added chip but use generic advertising. Be thankful that CE were able to get the chip in the X1 working. You can tell if you have the 1000Mb chip by the dtb it uses.

If you hardware did not match the device tree that you used, then your box would NOT have booted into CE. There was a long discussion on this site about all of the different ethernet module used in this box. The Devs solved all of those issues. Some of the devices only had fast ethernet so the devs, created a device tree to work on there boxes. That is why you see several sc2 S905X4 device trees…
With all that said, you have a good device and no need to worry about what parts are in your box.

Thanks for the help. everything seems to be working fine… only issues I am having now is with KODI. Few things have changed the past years including I guess a 10 poster limit for movies? Not bad for most movie, but some, the 10 poster options are all trash. Apparently I can edit the addon file to allow more than 10, but no one knows how to with CoreElec. Was suggested to start using nfo files and locally stored posters but not sure… database so big now, that’s a lot of work.

Only other “issue” is that the LCD screen on the HK1 doesn’t display anything when booted up. I say “issue” because although not working, I’m ok with that. Rather fewer lights than more.

You need to read more careful all posts and you will find the solution for your VFD issue for example.

When you say Mecool is not supported does that mean it isn’t possible to run CE on it?

KM2 Plus Deluxe has a reset button and the ability to unlock the bootloader is there as well which I assume must be done.

I would love to run CE on this device in addition to Android but if impossible I will continue running CE on an N2+ and use the Mecool in Android TV mode.

I’m super interested in this, but I am also in Canada. Do you have a link to the device? I worry about finding a misleading seller

@frozen are you asking me?

These forum posts keep getting moved / combined into one thread and no one uses @ so no idea who is talking to who. Makes things confusing.

If you have Amazon account
They are trusted seller with great return policy.

Also check out American Amazon. Com

Depending on exchange rate
Will be in American currency

Maybe is less than Canadian Amazon :thinking:

Hk1x4 is decent box

Happy Testing

Top of the page click on 3 bars
Go to General
Guides How tos

VFD Config

There is addon in CoreELEC repsitory you will need

Happy Testing

Any of the S905xX variants are always going to be marginal for Kodi use. There are lots of background tasks running on any media box and the more capable cpu cores you have the more stable the box will be. Its been my experience that the AML chips tend to freeze up if they run out of cores to hand tasks off to and the S905xX offerings are simply core limited. I have had to fall back to an old S905x2 box when I killed my N2, and despite the fact that the individual cores are somewhat comparable - the user experience is no where near as good with far more frequent freezes. This will be the same on a S905x4 as they are essentially the same design.
It seems that the venerable S922 is still one of the best AML chips for media boxes. Unfortunately experience has shown me that despite Odroids excellent offering - they are quite delicate and easy to damage which shows some corner cutting in design.

Is there a better S922 box than the N2+ out there ?

About S922 I think MINIX U22-XJ should be ok? UGOOS AM6B Plus Amlogic S922X-J could be a nice contender. As boxes with good hw design.

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Not in my opinion
Why ?
Dolby vision is totally overrated, the DV ready boxes are not perfekt because they are designed for Android.
The N2+ ist designed as a single board computer and I think it was designed to run CE
No hassle with high temperatures, with drivers.
And You van use ist without any additional cooling, any time.
Room temperature in summer was >30° but N2+ was running like a VW beetle(the old one)

The most important criterion: 100% support from team Coreelec


Is CoreElec P7 FEL only working on the Ugoos AM6b+ and the Minix U22-XJ?

The documentation isn’t clear at all of which devices actually work with the 20.3-ng-dv, or if thats the only firmware that supports P7 FEL.

Yes, some documentation in the wiki is outdated. This is due to two main reasons. We lost our wiki maintainer and the changes have been massive in the last year. Most of us were putting aside the S922-J when we had a major breakthrough in DV support with CoreELEC. It’s not easy to keep everything up to date when so much changes.

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I’d be happy to volunteer for that role if there’s any interest. Lord knows I like documenting and categorizing things too much… hence the Plex media server to scratch that itch.

But this is a really cool project and I’d love to contribute even if I don’t know how to code.

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Hello CoreElec team !
I’ve read this post entirely but would like to know what AM Logogic tv box on android I should purchase to watch my 4k bluerays (Dolby Vision and HDR10+) remuxes on my TCL TV (that supports both codecs).
I’ve purchased a Nokia 8010 in order to proceed some tests on it… will it play and decode DV and HDR10+ from my MKV bluray rips ?
It seems really difficult to get stability on AM Logic plateform…

It sounds like Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019 or later) would be the more mature choice in the long run (even though it hasn’t any Spdif optical or coaxial/Jack output wich is not great I would say).
It seems really solid on power and stability (on the software side).
Would you recommend to get the Nvidia box with Kodi 21 Beta(or kodinerds) or Plex finally ?

Many thanks in advance,

The new flush of N100 mini-pc’s is starting to look very attractive for Kodi use. Thinking about splashing for a Beelink S12 Pro.

Only slightly more expensive than many of the SBC options with ARM with some seriously good expandability built in. The sad reality is that Kodi on ARM has always been slightly flakey despite the best efforts of our devs.