Bl301 injection, problems, help,

I already have BL301
Do I have to repeat the process or will update it after install last nightly?

CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20200121-Generic causes issues with GT1 Mini 4+64GB, even attempting to use for the first time setup on a cleaned Micro-SD-Card. Stuck in a re-boot loop, long before CoreELEC logo ever appears, before preparation phase.

@Rootz no, the update is done automatically.
The update status can be checked by cat /storage/update-bl301.log

@Phant0m: Nightly builds (NEW)


That worked good Portisch. Like you said, It was occurring because I haven’t applied that, and It was looking for it. Good Job!

I ordered an H96 max x3 and was wondering whether the BI301 injection will be needed? If yes, what are the remotewakeup, decode_type, and remotewakeupmask to be added to the config.ini ?


No chance for blob insertion for a USB/RF remote, right?

This isn’t possible as the bl301 blob is running in a very limited environment. It doesn’t have access to the real linux system. Only the SoC interrupts are working (gpio), CEC and IR decoder.

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I have bl301 installed. Checked in terminal and in CE settings. But still waking up after suspend not working. Using WOL eth nor wifi. Not working with CEC and not working changing source in TV.

Ugoos X2 Cube (S905X2) with nightlies.

Something appears to have changed in the latest firmeware for my device. Up until recently I
was having issues with resuming normal operation from a suspended state, which I mistakenly
thought was being caused by the nightlys until @Portisch pointed me in the right direction
(Thanks!). Upon reexamining my settings, I just needed to change my “IR Remote Power Code”
from “Beelink 2” to “Beelink” and everything was fine. I could now resume normal operation
from Suspend without any errors.

During all of this I noticed that there was a firmware update released for my device a couple
of weeks ago, so I went ahead and updated. After it finished I re-injected the BL301 Blob as
suggested after an update. But now with the same setting as before I can no longer power on
the device, nor wake from a suspended state. If I revert back to my original settings for the
“IR Remote Power Code” of “Beelink 2”, I can power on the device, but resuming from Suspend
again gives the error “Pulse-Eight CEC adapter connection lost”.

Can we get a look at this? My device is a Beelink GT1mini-2, and the latest firmware is 204P0.
There are some notes about what changes where made to this firmware. One of them was “Add
Bluetooth remote control support”. Could this have changed the BL301 Blob?
Also the power LED is alway on, even when the device is powered off from CoreELEC.

I don’t know why u need to change the IR remote wake up code. But it’s solved now, isn’t it?

The message Pulse-Eight CEC adapter connection lost should be hidden. It is saying nothing, CEC still works as you don’t see the connection done message :wink:

The power led:
I don’t know which led it is so u need to try it by a SSH connection:

mount -o rw,remount /flash
fdtput -t s /flash/dtb.img /gpioleds/sys_led default-state off

Then check if the LED is off or not after a reboot.
To change it back run the commands again with on instead of off.
If the LED is still on there is a different used what we need to try.

Are there any news for fixing turning on with remote for H96Pro+ s912 device? Thanks.

I see no due date for this. Maybe when Amlogic-ng will be finished of GXL/GXM devices.
But then also maybe not all devices are supported as I have seen issues like boot loops on Tanix TX3 device.

Guys, it seems my N5MAX (905X3 box) with 9.2.2 stable does not power off completely (the led keeps light on blue but no network traffic and I am unable to power it off again just with power cicrcle) neither from kodi or remote (KEY_POWER) nor from terminal (shutdown command). So I tried the bl301 injection by inject_bl30. It seems was successfull:

update-bl301.log (

But nothing happened - no sleep, no wakeup. The config ini was set correctly:

/flash/config.ini (

and it seems dmesg says nothing:

output of dmesg (

and the whole debug is in

Do you have an idea?



What’s the output of the IR remote by this guide?

It says “Custom”

I don’t know what you mean. Make a log of your SSH connection.

sorry. I mean the IR Remote Power Coda says ‘Custom’. Maybe you mean this?


the output is:

N5MAX:~ # ir-keytable -u
Protocols changed to irmp
Waiting for IRMP decode event. Please, press CTRL-C to abort.
Received IRMP code: remotewakeup=‘0xbf40fe01’, decode_type=‘0x0’, remotewakeupmask=‘0xffffffff’
Received IRMP code: remotewakeup=‘0xbf40fe01’, decode_type=‘0x0’, remotewakeupmask=‘0xffffffff’

If it then it’s not working I would need a UART log.
The injection was successful and the IR code got injected too.

dmesg doesn’t show the bl301 prints. If you have no UART you can take a look to this one: CoreELEC Team SDIO Debug Board

Hi Portisch,
sorry if this is a noob question.
I’ve used the embedded feature of bl301 injection and ir code mod that you added to CoreELEC-9.2.2.
I’m running on a Beelink GT King (rev A) and using a Minix A2 lite remote with it instead of the standard remote.
By choosing “Minix” in the IR code list, I thought that the box would answer to IR code sent (such as power on/off) but it is not the case. Am I missing something ?

FYI, the Minix A2 lite remote is using a wireless dongle connection for most of its code, except the power button that triggers IR code to be sent. This code is understood by Minix box.

my /flash/config.ini has

and ``ir-keytable -u```` returns
Received IRMP code: remotewakeup=‘0xe718fe01’, decode_type=‘0x0’, remotewakeupmask=‘0xffffffff’`when I push the power button of the remote