Bl301 injection, problems, help,

I have a problem with BL301 injection tool:

CoreELEC (official): nightly_20190815 (Amlogic-ng.arm)
CoreELEC:~ # inject_bl301
Starting bootloader blob BL301 injection tool v0.1…

Device serial number: 290a400001201200000c303254524d50
Using CPU type G12B (29): S922X, A311D
System is not supported by BL301.bin injection: g12b_s922x_odroid_n2
CoreELEC:~ #

What am I doing wrong? Thank you

Do you have a N2? The injection is not for those devices as the features added already work on those SBC.

@Portisch Here is my http link:
Thanks a lot!

And what is the issue? You are using GT King as I see on the IR wake up code.
If you have issues please post tomorrow again a debug link and describe your problem.

There where some changes today for the ce-debug script.
The link of the debug information will be show then in CoreELEC settings in “Kodi”. So you don’t have to run it manually on a SSH connection.

@Portisch, the problem is that I have X96 Max 4/64 with the codes I sent and I can’t turn it on with the IR remote. Everything else is working fine now.

Please make a new log tomorrow as it will include some more information, thx!

did the injection tool also come for the old S905(?) models?

in future somewhere, yes

X2 Cube (s905x2)
IR remote
Power OFF - ok
Power ON - ok (after injecting BL301)
Goto SUSPEND - ok
wake up from SUSPEND - NO
power led turns to red but TV has no picture (just black screen)

I will try to describe the behavior of the box: (sorry for my bad english)

1: Power OFF
Pressed the power button on remote and the box is shutdowning - OK
power led and lan led are ON (lan sometimes blinking)
Then pressed the power button again - the box is starting and everething is OK

Pressed SUSPEND and the box is suspending - OK
Pressed the power button on remote and power led turns to VERY BRIGHT RED and lan led turns off - TV screen is still black. (looks like the box is frozen)
Press power button again and box starting like it was power off (full system loading)

Where? In CoreELEC power options?

Yes, in CE power options

ok, you have a ssh connection after resume when the TV is black?
If yes type: ce-debug and post the link.
Also dmesg | paste please

no ssh connection

Then before enter suspend:
Go to Settings->CoreELEC->System->Upload config…
And post the shown link

You have correct uppercase/lowercase of the link? It show nothing usefull.

ahh, it’s :

you are right

I don’t see any problem, so it have to be a different gpio number or something else.
Since now it’s time to get a UART adapter and a serial connection to the device.
I will try if I find something in google…

I am quite sure the 4-pin not mounted header right/bottom is the UART header: