Bluetooth stopped working on N2+

Moved to a new country and hadn’t used my setup in a couple of weeks. Previously Bluetooth was working fine. Got my stuff unpacked today and set up my Odroid N2+ and now Bluetooth is no longer working. It says “No Bluetooth adapter found.” from the Bluetooth menu. Which of course previously it was using the built-in Bluetooth of the N2+. I tried upgrading to latest version, a hard reset, and finally a completely fresh install by reflashing a new image.

Logs here:

For the logs bluetooth was initially enabled and with debug logging on I toggled Bluetooth off and on. Don’t know of that helps.

Any help or guidance is appreciated!

Internal bluetooth? On N2+? You should just find the adapter you used back then, because you used one. It could be a WiFi/BT combo.

No wonder, since there is no “built-in Bluetooth” in Odroid N2+ :wink:

I’ve never had any adaptors for it other than the one for my backup remote, which is RF not Bluetooth. I’ve never used wifi, always plugged directly into ethernet. If I provide an old log for when Bluetooth was working would that show where the Bluetooth was coming from?

The N2/N2+ doesn’t come with onboard WiFi or Bluetooth.

Nvm on the old logs. I guess the server cleans them after a while, I get a 404 now when I try to open them. I think I will have to buy an adaptor then, thanks for the response!

Wow, I always thought it was built in, thanks for the correction!

Thanks that link is helpful, always thought it was onboard!

My pleasure,

Here’s a thread discussing Bluetooth adapters known to work with in CE on N2/N2+, it’s a little long in the tooth, but should still be helpful if you’re in the market for an adapter.

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