Bootloader upgrade

How can I upgrade bootloader?
I’ve been told Android 6 bootloader is not compatible with Corelec wich needs Android 7 bootloader.

It doesn’t boot. It’s stuck on a black screen right after CoreELEC Booting splash screen.

A5 Nexbox 1GB 16Gb
Android 6

Coming from LibreElec 9 Lepotato trying to install CorrElec 20 Generic.

Try to install slimBOXtv firmware with USB Burning Tool first, then install CoreELEC.

Try? Does it work?

Bumper bump

Did you try the firmware mentioned above?

no, no version for A5 Nexbox wich is “Mali400”

A5 Nexbox 1GB 16Gb is using S905X, and this has Mali-450 GPU, not Mali-400 (see Amlogic - Wikipedia).
Therefore the above image should work, worth a try. Just prepare to have the original Stock SW as backup option.

Okay. I installed aidans rom. And now i can boot Coreleec.

Tried CE 20 nightly first but when I logged successfully and tried to run Netflix it popped an error:

init()missing two required keyword-only arguments: request and response

So I blamed it on the nightly build mistakingly. And now I am trying 19.5. Still Popped the same error thing. I almost regret downgrading.

Here’s a log


This is a known Netflix error. It’s been happening for the last 2 days.

In the comments of that GitHub issue there’s a test version for the Netflix addon with the changes to make it work. Give it a try.

It’s updated now. Fixed. New version out.

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