Cant install corelec

i have a problem i trie to install corelec on mij beelink m8s pro l i downloaded the good image and device tree 3g 100 internet , i burn the image with rufus on my usb stick put the tree in the root of the usb and rename it to dtb.img put it in the box and start emulator apk and type reboot update box go off and red licht burns nothing happen for a half hour .
put the power cord out and put in again box light burns bleu nothing happens. did this with 2 different usb sticks and with a sd card also nothing what am i doing wrong thans for help

did you hold the reset button in while plugging in the power

Also, did you take the DTB file from the device_trees folder on the SD card, or did you download it from somewhere?

there is no reset button on this device and yes i take the wrigt device tree from the sd card and put it in the root of the sd card and rename it to dtb.img but no result and also try to boot from android emulator apk but didnt work also

There’s an app for restarting into libreelec for android, and some other way of rebooting into either recovery or update mode. Try those.

If the above app doesn’t work try Terminal Emulator for Android, type reboot update

Terminal Emulator for Android, is the one i used but doesnt work ik can in to the the recovery mode but wen i choose reboot from updat i choose external then i see some files but do not know witch one to choose someone kwows witch one i should pik

You shouldn’t have to choose any files, it should boot into CE.
It’s possible that your box has a locked bootloader, in that case CE won’t work.

dont now can i disable that

You can not disable it. But you can easily check if your device is actually encrypted. All you have to do is post the log from the AML Burning Tool here. Have you ever been able to install any Android OS other than the original on your device?

no i have the box just 2 days how can is get the log to see on my pc ik heard something about ssl the box but dont know how can you give me some help how to acces the log many thanks

Just install your original FW via AML Burning Tool, copy installation history (log) from this tool and post it here.

well box is 2 days old so i dont have original fw and that is working alwright so i only cant corelec is there anyway to install corelec wothout install original firmware again

Make sure you have the CE image on SD card inserted .
Create a fake zip file. (a small text file) name it
Copy it to your USB stick.
Insert USB stick into box.
Do as you did above and choose the the fake
for your update file.

well didnt work at all cant even get into recovery mode and put out power cord and reboot nothing happens so it gets me crazy maybe i should try an older version???

Try with an SD card and not a USB disk.

told in the first post that i also tried an sd card didnt work also

You said you got into recovery before.
Why can’t you get there now. ??
Does your Android box have an Update App in the system ??
If it does , follow my instructions with the fake zip to update.

with the sd card in the box he do not got in to recovery mode , without the card i got to recovery mode than i put in the sd card in the box and choose the file you said to me but do nothing well there is an app to update but only can choose update by ota so no sd card ore externall i contact the seller of the box and he said the box is not protected maybe corelec version 9 do not work for me ore the wrong device tree but my box is amlogic 912 with 3 g and 100 mb ethernet so the tree q201/3g would be the wright one i dont know what to do to got corelec on my box thanks for your help everyone

Look at the CE download page, find your device and see which DTB is recommended for it.
If it’s not on the list, then try every GXM DTB that is in the device_tree folder.