Can't update rc_maps.cfg r/o

  • can’t copy rc_maps.cfg as read only
  • can’t nano rc_maps.cfg as unwritable

All the forumns say to overwrite the file and it used to work on 9.2.8

How am i supposed to update the remove files name?
Would be nice if the documentation was updated.

how are we supposed to update the /etc/rc_maps.cfg file then?

i thing you didn’t read it probably. I know how to do it, i have two units since librelec → coreelec 9.2.8 and had not problems adding.
the keymap files are added without problem.
the issue is to edit the rc_maps.cfg to add the pointer. If you read my post properly the file is read only, because the partition is mounted r/o. I didn’t have that issue in earlier versions

As this is not possible something is broken on your install, make a clean fresh install.

Maybe your idea of debugging is different to mine,
but i tend to avoid wild assertions as they are not helpful.

a) it is/was a fresh install of nexus 20.2 which is why i am having these issues now
b) previously on 9.2.8 there were no issues and it worked for years.

For those looking for the solution.

  1. copy the /etc/rc_map.cfg down to you pc.
  2. add the edits to the file
  3. copy the file to /storage/.config
  4. reboot

You didn’t describe exactly what is ro.
Your storage partition /storage? If yes, then it got corrupted and it should get fixed on reboot. If it doesn’t then there are some more serious issues with it.
If you refer to /etc this is always ro.

This is why I recommend a fresh install, something really bad is going on.

ah… ro…read only. i assumed everyone knows what ro/rw is

the rc_maps.cfg doesn’t exist in the /storage/.config location by default.
only the .sample file does.
the default rc_maps.cfg only exists in the /etc directory.
hence my solution to copy it to the /storage/.config directory and edit it there or locally.

see my response to vpeter. there is nothing bad going on.

  1. the default file only exists in the /etc directory which is read only mounted.
  2. the .config only has the .sample file.

It doesn’t get more fresh than writing the image from .img to sd card.
but thanks for the input.

Wiki says

You must also create the following file /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg with the following contents.

so where is the confusion?

I’m aware what it means but you didn’t specify which filesystem is ro. And now we knows everything is just fine. And the problem is understanding how file is edited.

i didn’t see that. I only ended up on pages within this forum

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