CE-19 Matrix torrent

Just installed the latest nightly on my s905x3 and so far everything has been working nicely: IPTV, 4k HDR films etc.
I’m looking for a torrent client now, anyone? I’ve installed thoradia repo but it can’t connect.

Edit: Ok, that’s what Thoradia wrote on LE forum:

“If you tell me where I can find the CoreELEC 19 build system, I will build corresponding add-ons
Last time I checked, there is no public source/build system for CoreELEC 19”

@as_id @kamilstan
Please stop discuss about torrent.
There is no legal usage on a media system.
Any further discuss about torrent will be removed.

Thank you!

ok, we are discussed only working add-ons…

Torrent is a peer to peer file sharing and just because it is exploited for piracy content doesn’t mean it’s illegal as it can be used for downloading legal and useful stuff like Ubuntu etc.

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And you do that on media player device right? :rofl:


Why not? It’s quieter than PC or laptop, less power-hungry and can be hidden behind the TV and easily accessible form other devices

Last warning @kamilstan!

For sure, I hear everytime the same excuse that everyone use it for downloading the Ubuntu ISO. But I don’t think everyone is downloading it every day again!


Sorry, didn’t mean any offense.

@Portisch @Betatester @kamilstan While I don’t want to get deeply involved in your discussion about torrents and privacy I do have to point out that Transmission is available on Entware for the “legitimate” uses and will run quite happily on CoreELEC either from CLI or browser. I have my N2+ set up to run it as I occasionally use it for archive documents from archive.org and drivers / software for older equipment etc.

The discussion was about a kodi banned addon that uses torrent only to download illegal movies and add it to the library. I don’t think that there is a legal reason to use it with a Mediacenter OS. Why would you download Ubuntu ISO torrents or archive.orh stuff with CE, but if you do I still think that the most people asking here want it for other stuff.

I dont want to be devil advocade, I dont personally use torrent on boxes or such, but I think some of torrents could take quite a long time to finnish, considering p2p network. It kinda makes sense to me, use low consumption devices like openwrt routers, Rpis, or Amlogic, cheap boxes, which runs 24/7 anyway, for such a purpose.

I personally using openvpn server on CE in my parents house for example… They dont have much good router to place it there, and only CE devices are 24-7 with far less power consumption than PC. In my own home I have powerfull router to do TVH/VPN/NAS/DNS stuff, but for installations on my relatives homes, where there is no wrt, then CE/LE saves a day. I would be kinda sad to hear “its just mediacenter deal with it”.

You can say exactly same thing, why would you need PC application on media center, but honestly, openvpn works so nicelly with no infra change on their side, so I am really, really glad to have apps opportunity there, even it is just “mediacenter” for them. I am using some of boxes as NAS even, with no problem, with CapEx/OpEx close to zero lets say (comparing to synology etc…).

Debating the merits of how individuals choose to use torrent software is asinine. The Dev’s have stated that no support for torrent software will be humoured in this forum, regardless of use case. In a larger context the reasoning seems fairly obvious. Consider the ongoing tenuous nature of how both Kodi and Torrents are generally regarded by the general public, anti-piracy advocates, etc as being used for piracy of copyrighted works. Its with this in mind that I think the devs are absolutely correct in upholding a policy of not providing support for anything that may outwardly abet or even appear to abet piracy. Doing otherwise could potentially put CoreELEC in legal hot water, a death sentence for a small, community driven, open source project.

As has already been suggested, if you want support for Torrent addons go ask the developer of said addon and keep it out of these forums.

Let’s move on.


I split this “torrent” discuss from development thread as it’s offtopic.
Also this topic is closed as everything about it have been already said.

Team CoreELEC pointed out we do not support illegal use of even (il)legal addons.
We see no purpose for use of torrents on a media system others than illegal.

Feel free to go to any another forum out there where it is allowed to discuss about torrent/Kodi Matrix.

Topic closed.