CEC working on one device and not another

I have two TV’s, each connected to a device running coreelec.

1st setup:
TCL 4 series running Roku TV OS, connected to a Ugoos X2 running coreelec.

2nd setup:
TCL 5 series running Roku TV OS, connected to an Odroid N2 running coreelec.

My problem:
On the second setup, I can use only the Roku remote, whenever I select the input
that the N2 is on the remote begins to control the N2, this is what I am going for
because this being a simple bedroom setup I would like one remote.
On the first setup the TV remote will not control the Ugoos X2. I have the CEC settings
on both devices and both TV’s the same, but one works and the other doesn’t.

On the problematic setup, the X2 is seen as a CEC device, and things like automatically
changing the input are happening, it’s just that the remote won’t work for the X2.

Can anyone think of something I might be missing here? I know CEC is fussy, but it is odd since
these setups are so similar. When I get a chance I plan on swapping the CE devices between
TV’s to see if that has any change.

Swap X2 & N2 and check again if the issue remain on the TV. Only then you can find out if it’s CoreELEC or the TV firmware.

For sure I need to do that.

So I finally swapped the devices. Looks like it’s an issue with the tv.

For some reason CEC works great on a TCL 5 series but not a 4. They are both running the same software version and show the same settings under CEC. Oh well. Guess I need to find a remote that can work for both.

You can try this image:
It’s 9.2.3 with libCEC 4.0.5

If still not working you can record a libCEC log and report to Pulse eight:

Thanks I’ll try it when I get a chance.