Chapter thumbnails/bookmark issue

Hello everyone, I’m having a issues with using chapters in my movies.

Current configuration: Vim4 - CE Kodi 21 - NAS Synology HDD 250mb/s - SMB connection

Here is how this problem present themselves precisely (25th second) :

  • Issue displaying chapter thumbnails and bookmarks. In fact, the thumbnails are missing, and when I click on one of them, the film cuts out.

Let us specify :

  • I find these problems even after a complete reset of CoreElec.
  • This bug do not occur on Kodi Android and Kodi Windows. (with identical NAS network source)
  • It works perfectly with CE if the film is stored on the internal memory, but not from the NAS.

(Locally it works on all platforms. But on the network, it only works on Android and Windows, but not CoreElec.)

I restarted and reproduced the problem with the Terminator movie :

Kodi CE Log :
Error CE log :
Debugging information :

Kodi Android Log (No Bug) : hastebin

Here is a sample reproducing the problem :

I’ve been stuck with this problem for so long. If I could finally find a solution to get rid of these bugs, that would be great. Thanks in advance to those who agree to help me.

Maybe my question isn’t in the best place in the forum for help?

It is used supported forum not commercial help desk.

Use seek and not chapters.

Think the problem is that your chapters are not at keyframes, so when skipping chapters you are not skipping to the exact time of the chapter mark, but rather to the time of the nearest keyframe.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but after [videoplayer] Go to Chapter Start for "Previous Chapter" Past Grace Period by CrystalP · Pull Request #24066 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub was merged, it now means that if the nearest keyframe is more than 5s after your chapter marker, then you will always be stuck skipping back to the start of that chapter, and never be able to skip to the previous chapter.

Suggest opening an issue with Team Kodi

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Thank you very much MoojMidge for the relevance of your response.

So in your opinion, this has nothing to do with Core Elec ? If it’s related to Kodi, why are very few users experiencing this bug ? Why do you think I can’t find this problem on Kodi Android ? And what is the keyframe ? ^^

I will switch to Kodi to learn more if necessary. Thanks again.

The reason why people may not experience the same issue is because it would only happen on certain (poorly) encoded files that have chapters, and they would then have to actually use the chapters to move backwards through a video, using Kodi v21 that was only recently released.

Personally when I watch a movie, I mainly just watch it, and afaik most commonly used tools used for encoding videos would try to insert an I-frame (keyframe) at chapter markers, but who knows what encoder or options were used on the videos you are having issues with.

No idea why the problem would not occur on Android, but the person who authored the referenced PR will likely either be able to understand the problem or otherwise be able to verify if it is not the cause of the problem, if you create an issue and include the relevant details.

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Where do you think it would be most relevant for me to discuss this? On the Kodi Forum side, I was referred to CoreELEC.

Thanking you again MoojMidge.

I have given you an explanation for what would be causing this problem based on the log you provided, and also a suggestion for what you should do with this information.

If you think something else is causing the problem, then you should keep investigating, but there is no point discussing it further with me as I have no more to add, nor can I fix the issue for you.

Good luck on your quest for answers.

I saw that you opened an issue on Github, also saw the forum post you opened.

Why repeat yourself three times in three different places, without actually listening to anything that is being discussed with you?

When you keep on bringing up irrelevant issues (like on the Kodi forum, and in the edited posts here), and don’t provide the information that is requested, it is no wonder that people lose interest in trying to help you.

One last try from me:

  • I am not sure why you are talking about Kodi 20 with this. If you are having crashes when using chapters, that is not the same issue, and if doesn’t happen in Kodi 21 why keep bringing it up? All it does is confuse the situation.

  • If you have crashes in Kodi 21 (or even Kodi 20) that are actually because of using chapters then you need to provide a debug log and crash log for this. Not just any random crash log for something completely unrelated (which is what the crash log you provided is - loading a different skin on startup without even playing a video let alone navigating using chapters).

  • If you say chapters work in Kodi 21 using Android why don’t you provide a debug log showing how the same action, using the same video, works in Android but not in CoreELEC?

  • I advised you to open an issue and provide the details of this discussion, regarding the PR that causes the problem shown in your log. Do that, rather than just repeating yourself again, otherwise your issue will just be closed as being unable to be reproduced, which is what the Kodi developers already told you in your Kodi forum post.

Hello MoojMidge,

Why repeat yourself three times in three different places, without really listening to what is being discussed with you?

When you continue to raise irrelevant issues (like on the Kodi forum and in edited posts here) and fail to provide the requested information, it’s no wonder people lose interest in trying to help you.

I understand how you feel, but know that I am doing my best despite the generals/globals constraints I face. Besides, when I have time, I regularly update the information contained in the posts to which you refer, gradually, according to my understanding and the recommendations that I am given. I will continue to refine the information I can provide based on your recommendations. Thanks to you I am progressing.

I don’t know why you’re talking about Kodi 20 with this. If you’re experiencing crashes when using chapters, it’s not the same problem, and if it’s not happening in Kodi 21, why continue to talk about it? All this only confuses the situation.

Because I think (perhaps wrongly) that the cause is the same, but the symptom is different. I thought providing this information could help with the diagnosis. Allowing in particular to exclude the idea that this problem is exclusively linked to Kodi 21. So in your opinion it would be better to remove this information?

If you are experiencing crashes in Kodi 21 (or even Kodi 20) that are actually caused by using chapters, you need to provide a debug log and a crash log for that. Not just any crash log random for something completely unrelated (that’s what the crash log you provided is - loading a different skin on startup without even playing a video let alone navigating using chapters).

Thank you for pointing out this error to me. I don’t understand why this happened again. However, I reproduced the error before generating the link. I’m going to do this again. Furthermore, the “Kodi Log” is useless for diagnosing? Only the “Error Log” is relevant?

If you say chapters work in Kodi 21 on Android, why don’t you provide a debug log showing how the same action, using the same video, works on Android but not in CoreELEC?

Because I didn’t think it could be useful. I’ll add that. Thanks !

I advised you to open a ticket and provide the details of this discussion, regarding the PR causing the issue shown in your log. Do so, rather than just repeating yourself, otherwise your issue will simply be resolved because impossible to reproduce, as the Kodi developers have already told you in your message on the Kodi forum.

Please note that I am neither a developer nor an English speaker, therefore I admit that I did not fully understand this part. I have already used Ghitub but only for its “Issue” part. I don’t know how this “Pull request” thing works.

I saw that you had indexed my “Bug Issue” to that of a request to improve the timing to better take into account the change of chapter. So I understand better what you recommended me to do. I never thought it could be related. I know this is an assumption. And this will indeed advance my research.

I am sincerely grateful for your help MoojMidge.

Sometimes less is more. Producing walls of text is almost never helpful. Same with talking about multiple different issues at the same time. Just stick to one thing, do or provide what is asked and that’s it.

The issue has already been closed, because it just rehashed what you already reported previously, but hopefully it may be reopened.

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I’ve been experiencing this issue lately, primarily with shows that allow skipping intros with chapters.
Instead of moving to the next chapter, It sometimes skip two chapters ahead, and occasionally I’m unable to return to the previous chapter.

It seems this issue does not occur with Kodi Android? If so I wonder if this commit has anything to do with: vh265: start decoding after first I frame · CoreELEC/media_modules-aml@2469c20 (

Nightly archives only goes back one day so I’ll try to build one myself and report back.

Edit: Tried with rc2 from march 20th and it’s the same.

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I confirm that this problem does not occur on Kodi Android.
Kodi Android Log : hastebin

I also notice that chapter 3 (which is blocking on CE) of Terminator (which I tested in these Logs) does not start at exactly the same place on Kodi Android compared to Kodi CE. There is a few seconds of delay.

Kodi CE Log :

This happens with SDR too, the only common thing may be the h265 codec.

It does seem like an I frame thing, but I don’t know when exactly this started happening. I was on 20.5 ng-dv builds last month and it was fine then.

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Personally, I’ve been having issues with chapters on CoreElec for years. The symptoms have evolved a little over time, notably with the passage of Kodi 21. But they have always been there for me.

Some discussions on the subject here: Problem with fast forwarding by chapter · Issue #25014 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

@Bindou - I am replying to you here, to avoid having your issue locked. I don’t have any opinion about you personally, and I am trying to help you, but you are not helping yourself at all.

You are just repeating yourself, cross posting the same thing to multiple places, but not bringing any clarity to the situation. Not every comment requires a response, especially when there is nothing relevant to add.

Bringing up Kodi 20, hybrid videos, HDR, Dolby Vision, crashes, h264 vs h265, different random symptoms evolving over time, etc. is all irrelevant and simply confuses the situation.

I’ll try and create a test file that will replicate the issue. You were already advised to do this yourself, but didn’t follow instructions and ended up doing it incorrectly, so the problem you are reporting couldn’t be reproduced.

Instead of taking the time to read and understand what you needed to do, you just ended up wasting people’s time, who were trying to figure out what you are actually talking about.
You are leading people astray by bringing up all this irrelevant stuff, and this is why your issue has already been closed.

As for your question regarding Android, that is actually relevant. It seems that Kodi on Android is not seeking to nearest keyframe after a chapter marker, but instead the nearest keyframe before the chapter marker. The stall you observe is Kodi decoding the few seconds of video from the previous keyframe to the actual seek time to get back in sync.

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Hi Kann,
Do not hesitate to support this request by testifying.

Well, support for CE at Kodi issues will not bring you much support. Only if you can replicate on Windows or Android or Linux.

Yeah, and there is no indication that CE is doing anything different. I’ll try it on PC, if it happens I’ll try to report back.

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Hi Vpeter. Is the video player programming different on CoreELEC ? What do you recommend doing then, opening an issue on the CoreElec Github ?