Cheap amlogic box


I’m after some recommendations, cheap, cheerful and works with CoreELEC with the onboard wifi too, I got a TX3 Mini(2g/16g) and now find the wifi isn’t supported which was a surprise being the ones who posted about issues was a different model wifi chip to mine, though google finds nothing.

I had looked at an x96 Mini(2g/16g), but several varying prices and generally from China, rather buy from seller in the UK in case problems with the device, I had ordered one, but then the delivery seemed to be different and way over a month which i wouldn’t agree to, waiting to get refund as it’s obviously not coming from UK and tried to say they’re currently on holiday as a reason for delay.

I am only looking cheap as this is for a bit of learning, originally planned to use so could access Emby on my TV, but bought a firestick 4k, but then never used it as TV was faulty, so replaced with a TV that supports Emby natively.



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