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Now the GUI Settings-CoreELEC-Connections interface does not work for wireguard VPN connections (it does not maintain the connection or make it permanent as in CE 9.2.x). Now you need to use the connmanctl connect vpn_xxxxxxxxxxx command in

Works well, was on nightlies as RC1 gave me some CEC issues, but RC2 works fine. Probably no changes to CEC, just my picky Tv!

I’ve got an AMLogic s905x3 and have had issues with stuttering when using HDMI multi-channel PCM, which was resolved by manually running ‘echo 6 > /sys/class/audiodsp/digital_codec’. I was wondering if it would be the proper fix to add a case to the AMLogic specific block in CAESinkALSA::Initialize to check for multi-channel PCM and, if so, set aml_digital_codec to 6; or if this would be incorrect.

Please use this image, play one file and then upload kodi.log.

Try this build

dmesg-portisch.log (108.5 KB) kodi-portisch.log (2.6 MB)
No luck, skipping still present. In addition to ‘echo 6 > /sys/class/audiodsp/digital_codec’ stopping the skipping(appears this trick no longer resolves my issue), I’ve also discovered that it doesn’t skip if the audio configuration is set to Fixed, and limit sample rate is set to 48kHz. However, that disables the passthrough option.

[Multi-channel Audio Issues over HDMI - #2 by Ray (Multi-channel Audio Issues over HDMI - #2 by Ray)
Switching the resolution to 1080p as suggested in this other post also seems to fix the issue.

@dplim87 Try the build I posted above.

@TheCoolest I had, no luck with that one either. Would you like me to post logs for that build too?

Does it behave the same way?

Yes, I have to do some more testing when I get the chance; but I think it may be related to the combination of the audio and source file’s video resolution or codec, as I’ve been able to play 4k content with 2ch AAC 44.1kHz audio with stereo upmixing enabled without issue. But the source file (from a trailer on YouTube (and also others), 1440p vp9, 44.1kHz AAC) still has issue with both an mkv or mp4 container used. Playback of the audio or video tracks separately do not seem to have an issue. But the combination of both causes an AV sync issue that causes stuttering unless the video resolution is set to 1080p or the audio configuration is set to fixed with the limit sample rate setting at 48kHz.

Update: unsure of whether the latest nightly changed anything or it just decided to start working properly… But I don’t seem to have the issue as of right now :man_shrugging:t2:

Which AVR or Soundbar do you have?
Also, can you share a sample for us to try and reproduce?

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CE 19 works n1 so far. I there a plan to move EmuElec Addon to matrix ? Or is it possible via dual boot?

Everything seems to works fine, except when i tried to transfer databases to MySQL, editing advancedsetting.xml and adding entries for SQL connection, from here:
[MySQL/Setting up Kodi - Official Kodi Wiki](https://MySQL/Setting up Kodi)

After restart, Kodi notified about system error, this one is from kodi.log:
2021-04-20 16:36:39.229 T:4818 INFO : Python interpreter stopped
2021-04-20 16:36:39.558 T:4836 ERROR : EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callbac
k/script returned the following error<–
Error Type: <class ‘locale.Error’>
Error Contents: unsupported locale setting
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/share/kodi/addons/service.coreelec.settings/se”, line 7, in
import oe
File “/home/portisch/CE/CoreELEC/build.CoreELEC-Amlogic-n
coreelec.settings/”, line 86, in
File “/usr/lib/python3.8/”, line 660, in getpref
File “/usr/lib/python3.8/”, line 608, in setloca
locale.Error: unsupported locale setting
–>End of Python script error report<–

2021-04-20 16:36:45.774 T:4884     INFO <general>: initializing python engine.
2021-04-20 16:52:21.909 T:4766     INFO <general>: Skipped 1 duplicate messages..
2021-04-20 16:52:21.909 T:4766     INFO <general>: Quitting due to POSIX signal
2021-04-20 16:52:21.954 T:4766     INFO <general>: Stopping player
2021-04-20 16:52:21.954 T:4766     INFO <general>: Storing total System Uptime
2021-04-20 16:52:21.955 T:4766     INFO <general>: Saving settings
2021-04-20 16:52:21.982 T:4766     INFO <general>: Saving skin settings
2021-04-20 16:52:21.994 T:4766     INFO <general>: Stopping all

Something about locale settings, from shell i am getting this output for locale command:

CoreELEC:~ # locale
CoreELEC:~ #

We can not reproduce this error. Do a clean inst and try again, step by step until it breaks.
Then tell us how we can reproduce this error.

After clean install, no errors…

Previously, I was having installed few addons, new skin and I copied all configuration files in userdata/addons from old version of CoreELEC. Probably something there break database connection with MySQL, who knows…

Thank you for quick answer, I appreciate it.

I think the copy/restore of old data cause this locale issue.

Anyway it’s recommended to perform a clean install when upgrade to Matrix!

Hello … @Portisch with the version 19.1-Matrix_nightly_20210421, Mecool s905x2 4gb/32 wont boot.

It seems a problem when import the dtb.

With 19.1-Matrix_nightly_20210420 and 19.1-Matrix_nightly_20210419 works well.

hello. updated to rc2 and coreelec module drivers are gone. when i click on it it says no driver modules found. did something change in the dvb system?

They are moved to the CoreELEC repo and you need to install the addon by yourself.

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