CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc1 Discussion

Tried one thing that worked :slight_smile:

Setting ‘devices to also put in standby mode’ in system-input-peripherals was enabled. I disabled it which stopped the tv from going into standby when a reboot was executed through ssh.

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Installed the linked version. Netflix plays without issue using the latest widevine (4.10.2252.0).

S905x - X96 2/16 (Android 7.1.2 bootloader).

Left it to play a movie and 1 hour and 30 minutes later it was still playing.

Two things of note for my feedback:

  1. This box has never thrown the random Kodi restart issues on playback of any content, local or netflix.
  2. I’m only playing 720p content as the TV this box is attached to is an old but trustworthy 720p Panny in a spare room.
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Danke funktioniert auf a95 max s905X2

We are back on line with tomorrow nightly. The Kodi crashes should be past. Widevine 4.10.2252.0 should be supported as well. Please update tomorrow and test and report back that we can come closer to a 19.2-Matrix_rc2 release, thank you.


Will update tomorrow!

I have 3 X96 Max Plus’s 4g/32g running last nights nightly. Just reached 3 hours with no problems.

Spoke to soon. One of the boxes did a restart.

The crash log shows you have a addon or skin installed crash the system.

Maybe this kayo sport addon.

Maybe you try again with a clean install and only with a minimum of installed addons.

It was just showing pictures from the screen saver. I noticed it segmented on a memcpy.
At the bottom of the crash report there is this line

CPythonInvoker(38, /storage/.kodi/addons/screensaver.picture.slideshow/ the python script “/storage/.kodi/addons/screensaver.picture.slideshow/” has left several classes in memory that we couldn’t clean up. The classes include: N9XBMCAddon9xbmcaddon5AddonE

Could this have caused the segmentation fault?

PS The other 2 boxes do not have screen savers and they haven’t crashed yet.

Yes, possible if the addon is not fully python 3 compatible or on any other way buggy.

i got problems with the dimmer screensaver to, its not dimmered up after button push.
But no crash, no restart, only dimmered picture.

Auto update of the devel release threw me back to 19.1 5-12. Manually updated to 6-6 nightly and all seems great so far !

It seems that the download link to 19.2 rc1 for the update is NOT working:

When you search for new versions (using CE 19.1 in the box), 19.2 rc1 is not between the download options, so, it seems it not possible to update to 19.2 rc1 at this moment.

19.2 rc1 was revoked and it is not in use. Use the nightly:

Thanks for the reply. I’ll wait to next stable relese.

By the way, I have several TV-boxes (all X96 Max +, S905X3) and I am using the 19.2 rc1 version in one of them for a few days without any problem until now.

I think this is something all users should think of. 19.2 rc1 release and nightly before was used internally by the team for some time and we didn’t saw any issue. But as soon users start to use it some issues come up. So how to achieve real stable release if no one use the nightly which could show some issues sooner.

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Running for a few hours on the latest nightly, with a variety of streams and files tested.

Rock solid so far.

Been running streams continuously for a couple of hours. All good.

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