CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc2 Discussion

Please use this thread for general 19.2-Matrix_rc2 discussion

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June 6 nightly runs very well. No Netflix or local playback issues so far.

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I have issues with scrapping. Nothing wants to work for some odd reason and shows do not refresh. I have tried TVDB & TVDB (New)

Also i cannot seem to get the upgrade options to show everything stays blank.

After installing this upgrade how can I disable HDMI out on the Odroid N2? I use the headphone jack and both audio outputs are active


Manual update went smooth on HK C4. Did also a reinstall of the CDM library, Kodi restarted, performed a system reboot and everything was fine. No issues with the streaming on HBO Go and Curiosity stream.

Odroid N2 here, can confirm HDR10 on Youtube is working, thanks a lot for that. Best Regards.

does this build have fixes for the random reboot/resets from rc1?

Yes, it has

Updated my two 1/8GB S905X’s (X96 and Trongle X4), all ok. They didn’t have any of the problems with rc1 either, though I don’t use Widevine.

What dtbs come in use?

Both gxl_p212_1g

appears good for me

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No crashes issue since rc2 here.

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Does not boot on mxq pro (s905w) had to downgrade.

Cool posting! It’s like my car. I sit inside and it does not drive…

What do you expect with such information given?

Google shows me it’s maybe a p281 device so it’s confirmed not working on rc2 and will be fixed in nightly and next release:


Thank you, I am very sorry :pensive:

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If i watch a movie/episode/tv show and pause that, after 3 min works the dimmer. after that i want to continue watching the movie/episode/tv show, i press pause like always, and the program resumed, but since a while after pause press the movie doesn’t continue, i got to the selection site back. its a fault only by me? or is that a bug?

beelink gt king pro, not fresh install.

I’ve noticed that for a while now, but I can’t remember if it’s always been that way :grinning: Maybe it was introduced in Matrix, I don’t know.

What I do is press pause, which removes the dim, then pause again resumes playback.

Yes it’s like that and it is by design.

I’ve noticed the Midnight Commander does not work anymore since 19.2 RC2 on both of my units (BT king, N2+) I can start MC an move through the menus but while jumping into a folder the MC stops working. I cannot see an error happen in the log file. Can someone confirm this behavior or have a solution?


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