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Thanks for the update. :grinning:
PVR IPTV Simple Client cannot be installed!
Lack of Inputstram.rtmp dependencies

Hey this is the first 19.x release that doesn’t boot to a black screen (lose sync?) after an upgrade/reboot, via my various amps. All previous 19.x releases have given me trouble via Sony and Yamaha amps, as per my previous posts. I wonder what commit fixed that? Thanks guys. (Odroid N2 box here)

Can you try again or install the dependencies manually? Can you be specific of which dependencies are failing? Because there are three: Inpustream FFmpeg direct, Inputstream Adaptive and RMTP input.

Yes I can try, can you direct the path of it?
I get this message on the right side of the screen:
Lack of Inputstram.rtmp dependencies

Please check in CoreELEC addons->Video player Inputstream if you have all 3 addons installed.

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I did it manually!

Updated a n2 with no probs…

Since i updated my X96 Max Plus to the latest coreelec 19.2 rc1 my device rebooting every 20-30 minutes when i watching movie. Until now i never had any issue like this.
After i go back to the previous 19.1 version the problem is gone.
Any idea what should i do to use the 19.2 properly, or anybody else have the same problem?

Enable debug logging in Kodi and reproduce the issue. After the device was rebooting upload the log file:

For device rebooting without any reason it could be bad power supply.

Sounds good for me , but only with 19.2 ?

It could be also a temperature issue. Maybe something changed and produce more CPU load, maybe…

There are already ~150 people using it without issue. So It have to be something local user defined issue.

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It happens always suddenly after something changed. Not 100% that it’s power supply but also check it as one of the first reasons.

sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit ?
yes it is.
Any advise to avoid the issue?
I will try to reinstall the 19.2 manually later today.
on 19.1 it works like charm.

I have three X96 max Plus and all did a reboot after about 20 mins. It has only happened once so far. They have been running for more then 4 hours now with no more reboots.

This is the crash log

Updated my two gxl_p212_1g (X96 and Trongle X4), all ok, thanks guys.

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