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Try running mc with subshell disabled

mc -u
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Thx, that was the trick

The screenshot from the 4K live TV broadcast is distorted.
The screenshot from HD live TV broadcast is taken without distortion.

I’m sorry for my bad english. Google translate.

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Try to force 8-bit or 10 bit 4:4:4 and get back to us

For a screenshot of h265 you need to set the correct double write more:

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@Portisch Thanks, it’s ok

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Hi all.
I’ve been experiencing audio dropouts when listening to music using this build & the latest nightly on my Odroid N2+. My AV receiver speaker display icons disappear on each dropout, so I suspected that maybe it was the device with issues but I have no audio dropouts when using the latest Android Kodi build (edit: via Sony TV).
If I roll-back to rc1, dropouts disappear.

Hope you can find what’s going on:


Please try the nightlies from 20210513 (maybe working) and 20210516 (maybe not working).
If it still works try the next nightly until you have the last working one, thank you.

Thanks, Portisch.
I’m having trouble with those nightly downloads. I’ve downloaded the N2 gz’s from both 20210513 & 20210516 but both fail to install with an invalid/corrupt error. The downloaded gz files have been closer to the tar file size instead of the ~195 MB they’re supposed to be.

Just download the tar file and place it in the Update folder and reboot.

Hi, question: 8 bit I see I can switch in settings, but 10bit 4:4:4 is this the normal setting in CoreElec or must I do enable it via shell. And if via shell, what is the correct command line?! Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

Are you using some kind of download manager as I have seen in the past that some files, especially when compressed can be a different size than that of the original and therefore corrupt.

How is code to be applied for it to work as a default?

Shouldn’t it be set back to 0x900 instead of 0 on stop?

It’s 0, at least it was 0 last time we implemented it. Don’t know exactly.

Does the screenshot then working, with 0x900? I guess not, so Hyperion.NG will also not work.

But maybe you make a fix to write 0x900 instead 0 on deactivate.

You set it to 3 for screenshot/hyperion and then back to 0x900 instead of 0.

after the update, unfortunately I cannot login to netflix

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