CoreELEC 19.4-Matrix (March 5th, 2022)

CoreELEC 19.4-Matrix (March 5th, 2022)

CoreELEC 19.4-Matrix is now available. It was a rather short development cycle this time around, which saw the CoreELEC developers focusing on fixing the most common issues reported with the 19.3-Matrix release.

Changes Since 19.4-Matrix_rc3

 * Added support for Radxa Zero 2
 * Fixed ethernet on Minix NEO U22-XJ
 * Added support for Minix U22-XJ Max rev.a
 * Fixed issue with some µSD on GXL devices

Changes Since 19.3-Matrix

 * Fixed missing udev rule for Realtek RTL8821CU
 * Fixed aspect ratio in player debug info for MPEG4, H265, VC1, VP9
 * Fixed gpiopower
 * Fixed scaling on 4k OSD GUI
 * Fixed deinterlace on g12b rev.a and g12a
 * Fixed DVB driver
 * Added missing 'now' hdmitx attribute
 * Updated NFS to 5.0.1
 * Check and fix label if needed of internal install
 * Changed Linux config to be able again to load overlay DVB modules
 * Bumped Linux kernel to 4.9.269
 * Added VIM3(L) NVMe support
 * Fixed interrupt smp-affinity for CEC
 * Changed NFS timeout to 30 seconds
 * Implemented real 64bit PTS handling
 * Dropped Hybris support
 * Added support for RTL8821CS WiFi modul
 * Added ES8316 SoC codec
 * Added support for Minix U22-XJ Max


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