CoreELEC 19.4-Matrix_rc2 Discussion

If you want update again with same version. But I doubt you will replicate the issue.

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@vpeter you are most probably right, … one could perhaps downgrade first, but, in any case: I upgraded (also from 19.3 to 19.4_rc1) my KVIM3L (which also runs from eMMC) as well and did not encounter any problem. Either this was a one-time issue or something GT-King specific. But the fix is relatively easy and straightforward: relabel the flash partition.
Have a nice day.

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Looking good so far for me, HK’s Odroid C4. CPU usage lower than CE 19.3, at least in online streaming😉

Any known issue with K1 Pro?

Ugoox X2 Pro with dualboot - same mount issue :frowning: None of my keyboards work in both USBs, so now will try to boot from the USB and re-label the EMMC partition from there (I hope it is possible).

P.S. Yeah, booting from the USB and doing fatlabel /dev/CE_FLASH CE_FLASH solved the problem :+1:


vevs and tasinofan: Can you run this command and post url?

paste /storage/init-previous.log
chmod 755 dumpe2fs
./dumpe2fs /dev/CE_STORAGE | paste

Also do you use single boot or dual boot?

To all users with same issue
If someone else will have same issue please save the partition with command

dd if=/dev/CE_FLASH of=ce_flash bs=10M

and upload the file ce_flash to somewhere so we can analyze it. And do this before label repair.

I have the same issue with CE_flash as users above, but my keyboard work. My tv-box is Beelink Gt-King pro.
This is image of dmesg output

Please prepare a µSD or USB device and boot from there CoreELEC.
Enter a SSH connection and run these cmds:

Then you should have a 500MB ce_flash file on your boot media in /storage/backup folder.
Please share this file with us, thx!

Pleae do not repair your device yet. May we need some more debug information!

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All done!!
512 MB file on MEGA - link for file.

Poostoon, you are using dual boot or single boot with ceemmc?

Single boot from internal memory.

Also did you play with any partitioning tool on this 2 CE partitions on eMMC?

Also when did you use ceemc (approximate date)?

Never touch any partitions.
I used Ceemc maybe in august or september 2020.

I am stuck in the same situation and there is a problem: all beelink servers are down, I cannot find any download links to a stock FW for my Beelink GT King (serial SA9X…)

Just boot from uSD or USB and run this command. Then the internal install should run again.

It looks like we hit a old unknown error. We currently try to identify the reason and to find a solution.

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But all these were done after the re-labeling :frowning:

Thanks for follow up

here is my init-previous.log … I have no pre label repair to share as I am post label repair. Do you nevertheless are interested in my CE_STORAGE dumpe2fs ?

CoreGT:~ # cat init-previous.log

Please do not reboot or turn off your CoreELEC device!

Found new .tar archive
Extracting contents of archive… done
Checking KERNEL.md5… OK
Checking SYSTEM.md5… OK
Checking size: OK

Updating from 19.3-Matrix to 19.4-Matrix_rc1

Updating Kernel… 100%
Updating System… 100%

Updating Boot Files…
Updating device tree with g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king.dtb…
Updating device_trees folder…
Updating dtb.img by dtb.xml…
Updating aml_autoscript…
Updating cfgload…
Boot Files Updated.

Cleaning up… done

I am very willing to contribute to narrow down root cause. Somehow VFAT label is seen but not so that it can be used for mount. But then, did any software alter the area where this is stored or did any commit (perhaps kernel or user) alter the way to interpret such area?

Meanwhile, perhaps, one could reactively avoid relabeling by including it in update procedure. For now that does not seem to hurt.

Have a nice day

I had the same issue. I had a keyboard but it did not help, the command was not executed.
Booting from SD and relabeling the partition over SSH / Console → fatlabel /dev/CE_FLASH CE_FLASH did the trick at once.

Yes, @vpeter identified the issue now and we work on a fix. It looks like the tool fsck did remove sometimes the volume label and cause this issue.

There will be a rc2 soon.


CoreELEC 19.4-Matrix_rc2 Discussion