CoreELEC 19.5-Matrix Final (December 26th, 2022)

CoreELEC 19.5-Matrix Final (December 26th, 2022)

Changes Since 19.4-Matrix

 * Added Wifi module support for RTL8169SC
 * Added Wifi module support for RTL8723BU
 * Added Wifi module support for RTL8852BS
 * Added Wifi module support for AP6255
 * Added Wifi driver Unisoc UWE5621
 * Added support of PHY RTL8211F-VD
 * Added key remapping for BuzzTV BT-300/BT-400
 * Added support of Bananapi M2S
 * Fixed ceemmc error: Error opening file for reading '/dev/reserved'
 * Added support for Ugoos AM7/X4 firmware 1.1.0
 * Added SC2, S905X4 support
 * Added support of AV1 hardware decoder for SoC SC2 or newer
 * Added support for Ugoos AM7 and X4
 * Added support for BuzzTV X5
 * Reworked auto colour subsampling and colour depth detection
 * Fixed no sound on GXL devices
 * Fixed distorted splash on resolutions bigger than 1080p
 * Fixed h264 on some media not fluently displayed
 * inject_bl301: fixed issue with correct blob selection by bl2 blob date
 * Added vesa mode 2560x1440p60hz
 * Do not skip CEA EDID timing extension version 1 anymore (useful for displays with vesa modes)
 * Fixed no sound with 2.0 media after playback of 5.1 media
 * Fixed GUI sound issues by restore default keep audio active setting
 * Added and fixed handling of DTS-HD-MA
 * fstrim: run only once a week
 * Added support for SmartChip Integrated Circuits WiFi chip
 * Replace shell 'sh' by 'bash'


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