CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

It works better after a clean install.Channel crossings are better.IP TV works well.There is a problem with Netflix.

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Netflix may start to work with tomorrow update

Or maybe not :worried:


Exactly the reason for me to jump on :wink:
I don’t have much stuff that needs adjusting still, so I am looking forward to Netflix and some others working. I’ll be sure to try tomorrow’s update :wink:

Thanks to all devs for making it all possible!

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yeah, pvr and artwork work great more faster, I’m testing on usb 2.0 but it’s still faster than coreelec 18.9 on sd card,

thanks for support…


fresh install on odroid n2, testing with same “habits” like on 9.2.5 stable build, means hts client of tvheadend on remote server,, amazon prime video, netflix, plex server, Aeon Nox Silvo skin and few basic kodi addons, samba, ssh. all, but netflix, which has been already reported (user connects, video not playing), working just fine and buttery smooth. i also tested dolby atmos/vision sample videos, all is working (so also passthrough), amazing experience :slight_smile:
Do not see significant difference in speed though (beta is on SD card, stable is on eMMC).

SoC family GXB and S912. GXB support got dropped by Amlogic in newer Kernel.
S912 do not and never had such Mali blob implementation to be able to be used on newer Kernel.

does it mean that Mecool KIII will not work?

so this is not available to odroid n2? because that is a s912 right?

wrong. N2 is S922X and is supported.

Correct. No S912 support. If someone gets it working we will happily add it but we failed to do it with 4.9 Kernel. kszaq did the S912 support using libhybris but this needs updating and nobody in the team has a lot of motivation to try to figure this out. We all have more recent devices now.

I think it will serve as a flower stand,
if there will be no more update for S912.
It’s a pity, because many people have these receivers.

You can use 9.2 Leia builds. Depends what you want to do with it. Also LibreELEC mainline but it will probably be a huge step back at current stage.

I have the Mecool K3 PRO only SAT / IP transmitter and the X96AIR S905X3 by CoreELEC. A gift of 40 euros for these Christmas holidays.

@cdu13a I found out because I have problems with skin tears, it was very difficult to understand!
After buying a controller with a USB adapter, the problems are over!
if I use putty for the control: echo “meson-ir * mecool”> /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg
The problems appear again.
I now discovered with CoreELEC 19. KI Pro matrix.

I use the Mecool K3 PRO as a sat receiver as well, so choosing the X96AIR S905X3 is not an option.

You can use your mecool running leia as a server for tvheadend and use a x96air running matrix as your client.


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tvheadend, next pvr, pihole,adguard,ftp server, many benefits from old equipment

Everyone should have a pihole.


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DVB Support is another point of failure. Unfortunately we lost our dear developer @afl1. We actually don’t know what happened to him. We would really like to get more people involved with DVB driver knowledge. But as already mentioned it is wise to have a dedicated box for tvheadend server.

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You can still buy Mecool K3 Pro and Magicsee C400, I have them both for SAT / IP only, they move perfectly large motorized parabolic, also terrestrial signal … I think that buying it only for SAT / IP is a good option although later we use another Amlogic S905X2 / X3

In the next nightly the Netflix addon will start to work as it should. To make it work, after the nightly’s update, follow this steps:

  1. Uninstall Netflix;

  2. Choose to remove all related data when prompted;

  3. Reboot the device;

  4. Reinstall the addon and login.

After this the addon will work as usual.

Maybe some variation of this steps will work also but these were the ones tested and proved working.